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Vote For The Best Aceable Memes

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Ace, our robot mascot, loves tacos, but his energy core is powered by earth's most sustainable resource: memes. The Aceable mobile drivers ed course is loaded with informative memes to help students remember key concepts. These students often make their own Aceable memes, which we proudly feature on our Instagram account.

Here are 30 of our favorite memes from the past year, 15 of which were submitted by Aceable students. Now it’s your turn to vote for the best Aceable meme. On May 1st, 2018, the student who made the meme with the most votes will win a $50 Amazon gift card!

If one of your memes is featured here, share with your squad so they can vote for you! Everyone should VOTE because democracy is good, and so are memes.

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Special thanks to these Aceable students who poured their hearts and souls into the making of these memes: @julian_medina_, @meganzeltner, @peytonthewhale, @tatyymac, @mexican_jim, @jessicalsm26, @brendencoursey, @morgangracek, @yamato.s13, @jame.y, @noah.schafer67, @theotherninteenpilots, @hhaarryy.k., and official.kassie_

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