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20 Fire Date Ideas for Teens on a Budget

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but don’t sweat through your favorite t-shirt just yet... You’re still going to have a killer time even though you can’t #ballout like they do in the movies. Besides, a diamond necklace and candlelit dinner are a tad overdone, don’t ya think? Take on some of these v awesome suggestions for the day of love…

1. True love? A big old burrito. Find your way to Chipotle with bae and get a side of queso.

2. A picnic lunch and a blanket from your linen closet is a timeless choice.

3. Movie night! As in hit up the discount theatre with your friends (it’s fine...Star Wars is still kinda new?)

4. Orrrr pick out a classic on Netflix that’ll never get old. Person that can quote the most lines gets to choose another person in the group to send a Valentine’s text to their crush.

5. Ask your fam if you can have the kitchen for the night and make a home-cooked meal together. Our reco: tacos, spaghetti, and stir fry are easy picks for the newbs.

6. Look up local music venues in your town. Whether it’s a small venue showcasing new bands or a coffee shop with live music, enjoy some tunes with your fave person or group of friends on the cheap.

7. Go for a long walk on the beach... or park, sidewalk etc. Whatever works - this one’s a guaranteed freebie and nothing says romance like a leisurely stroll.

8. Head to a night at the museum! Most museums offer discounted or free tickets for students, and offer deals in the evenings before close. Show your significant other your sensitive side.

9. Get some fresh air and go for a hike. The romantic view at the top is worth the thigh burn.

10. Got a skill? Give your boo a lesson. Whether it’s on the tennis court, with a guitar in hand, or with a paintbrush, spending some time doing what you love best with your loved one is a match made in heaven.

11. Organize a game night with your friend group. Divide into teams of red and pink and get cheesy chocolates as refreshments.

12. Go split dessert at a fancy restaurant. Maybe you can’t buy a steak, but even 5-star restaurants keep their pie at a reasonable price.

13. Throw your own Valentine’s Dance. Shove your family’s boxes aside in the garage and invite over your friends, prepared with a rockin’ playlist and a cooler of lemonade.

14. Make an outdoor fire (or have your dad help you make it and then leave ASAP) and roast marshmallows. This one’s for couples or the group, but is as cozy as it gets.

15. Go to a chocolate shop or cafe that offers classic hot chocolate and grab a cup. Wipe the cool whip from his/her lip while gazing into their eyes.

16. If it’s warm out (talking to you Cali peeps), hit up your local beach volleyball court and play as the sun sets.

17. Pizza night! Go to an old school hole-in-the-wall and find love with a couple dollar slices.

18. Knock down some pins at your local bowling alley. A couple games and shoe rental won’t cost you much to have a whole lotta laughs.

19. Drive through and view- pick up a couple burgers or milkshakes at your fave fast food joint and head out to a city lookout to eat and watch the night fade away. Prepare the night by reviewing your constellations to romantically point out.

20. Licensed? How about a scenic drive with some John Mayer on full blast.

Krista Doyle