Best Halloween Costumes for a Driving Enthusiast

Halloween is 2 1/2 weeks away. Did that just make you stressed out about not having your costume planned yet? Yeah, thought so. Fret not, we've got some ideas. As a drivers ed company, we tend to produce a lot of driving enthusiasts. As one of those enthusiasts, I'm sure you already know that. This Halloween, take that love for driving and channel it into one of these truly dope costumes.

  • Race Car Driver

Whether it's a fictional race car driver like Ricky Bobby or a real life legend like Dale Earnhardt, a race car driver is about as big of a driving enthusiast as they come. Go the extra mile by having your name monogrammed on the driving suit. You'll totally wear it again, right?
Race car halloween costume

  • Lyft Driver

Wait, wait -- hear me out. This one is so chill and easy. Find some pink fabric, cut out a giant mustache, and tape it to the front of your shirt. Boom! Done. Bonus points for handing out promo code cards at your Halloween party.

  • Carhop

Carhops were all the rage at 1950s diners and drive-ins (and I guess present day Sonic Drive-Ins). Roller skates will be the star of the show that is this costume, so make sure you know what you're doing. Pretty sure one of our Aceable employees used to work at Sonic; maybe you can borrow her old uniform?


  • Any Mario Kart Character

You know you love this game. Who doesn't? You'll be the hit of the party if you show up dressed to the nines as your favorite Mario Kart character. Be sure to make some fake turtle shells so you can throw them at other party guests. Just kidding, please don't throw things at other people.

  • Ace

Want to be the ULTIMATE? Go as Ace for Halloween. Ace has everything you need in a cool costume: fancy robot parts, sass, charm. He's adorable. Pro Tip: Create the robot by spray painting scraps of cardboard boxes silver and draping them over yourself. Do not spray paint your skin silver. I repeat:  Do not spray paint your skin silver! 

ace costume

If you DO already have your costume planned, pass this along to a fellow driving enthusiast who could use a good costume idea. Don't forget to send us your costume pics on Twitter and Insta --  especially  if you pull off a good Ace!

Krista Doyle
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