Celebrate Singles Awareness Day (An Infographic)

What is this thing you call Valentine’s Day?  We at Aceable like to celebrate Singles Awareness Day instead. You don’t need a bb to have fun this February 14 — promise. Just curl up with your smartphone and knock out a few hours of Aceable Drivers Ed. The sweet, sweet feeling of finally getting your license is far more tantalizing than a crummy bag of conversation hearts. Say nay to having a bae and ayyyyy wassup to Aceable.


Very Serious Truths About the Data We Used

The price of roses can increase as much as 100 percent around Valentine’s Day, according to a 2015 article on BusinessInsider.com. In the same article, Americans said they felt good about spending $50 on something that would wither and die a few days later.

The priciest plan on eHarmony.com costs $59.95. Upon hearing this, Paul McCartney admitted he was wrong, and that money can buy you love.

Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat of Thailand hold the world record for longest kiss, smooching a total of 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Power couple Bill and Melinda Gates have made it their mission in life to beat this record.

Eleven percent of Americans have been “ghosted,” according to a 2014 YouGov/Huffington Post poll. The remaining 89 percent were too afraid to admit that bae texted back, “New phone, who dis?”

Laredo, Texas rented the fewest romantic movies in the country, according to 2013 data compiled by Redbox.  When asked what he thought of the list, a Laredo man, who proposed to his girlfriend while screening The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, said that Redbox’s research was “erroneous.”

Seventy percent of the population 15 and older in Washington, D.C. is unmarried, according to a 2015 article on Forbes.com. Donald Trump says President Obama is among that 70 percent, questioning whether his marriage license is real or not.

The film Valentine’s Day received an 18 percent rating from critics on RottenTomatoes.com. Bradley Cooper still received an Oscar nomination for his role.

Forty-two percent of Tinder users are not single, according to research by GlobalWebIndex. One-hundred percent of those users are men.

One in 10  Americans pondered a breakup eight days before Valentine’s Day, according to a poll conducted by dating website AnastasiaDate. Nine in 10 Americans suffered a panic attack after reading this statistic.

American gold jewelry sales contribute 34 million metric tons of waste in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, according to 2005 estimates by EARTHWORKS and Oxfam America. Many men said this fact did not bother them, as they would be purchasing jewelry from Target, but telling her it was from Zales.

Turtles can breathe through their butts. This was not mentioned in the infographic, but it’s very important.