Are You Eligible for Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Parent Taught Drivers Ed is a great alternative to traditional classroom courses for Texas teens who want to get their first permit and driver license. Instead of scheduling in-car practice with a driving instructor, you practice whenever you want with your parent. Learn the theory (classroom) portion of drivers ed however you want (preferably online or on an app with Aceable PTDE !), get your learner permit, then start logging practice hours with mom or dad. Texas PTDE is more convenient than doing it all at a driving school, and it’s also much cheaper. In-car lessons with professional driving instructors can cost hundreds of dollars. The eligibility guidelines are fairly inclusive, but it’s smart to make sure you and your parent are the right fit for PTDE before you send in the form and fee to get started.

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Student Requirements for Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Texas PTDE is for students who live in the state and are ages 14 to 17. If you’re 18 or older, you can take Adult Drivers Ed , which is a much shorter course that doesn’t include the supervised driving practice requirement. You will also need access to internet and an electronic device. Any smart phone (iOS or Android), tablet, laptop, or computer will do. You will also need a qualified parent or relative to teach you the in-car driving portion of drivers ed, which brings us to...

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Parent Requirements for Parent Taught Drivers Ed

The person who serves as your instructor must be your parent, stepparent, grandparent, legal guardian, or an individual designated by your parent/legal guardian/judge. They also need to have a valid driver license. Make sure you order your Parent Taught Drivers Ed packet online to declare who your parent instructor is. Your instructor will not be eligible to teach you if they’ve had their driving privileges revoked in the past three years or have more than six points on their driving record.

If you use a designated individual as your instructor, there are a few extra requirements for them. They also need to be at least 25 years old; they cannot charge a fee for being your instructor; they need at least 7 years of driving experience, and they must meet the rest of the requirements below. To designate this instructor, you will also need to print out the Parent Taught Driver Education Instructor Designation Form , complete it, and bring with you to the DPS when getting your permit.

If you don’t have anyone who meets these requirements, consider taking Instructor Taught Drivers Ed instead.

check your driving record online Your parent can request a driving record online if they’re not sure where they stand.

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