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Four Things That Instantly Scream Back To School

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Memorial Day weekend? Check. Fourth of July? Check. Approaching Labor Day weekend? Nooooo. Ok, let’s be honest. It’s not THAT bad. But the end-of-summer-back-to-school limbo period is a bittersweet one for sure. Summer camp goodbyes, final ice cream shop paychecks, and fading tan lines quickly transition from feelings of sadness to excitement when the group chat starts becoming alive again with the repetition of the phrase “Can’t wait.” Can’t wait to see you guys. Can’t wait to drive this year. Can’t wait to be soccer captain. Can’t wait to finally go to prom. It’s officially back-to-school time, y’all (our favorite time of year). So here’s a few things that we can’t (eh and can) wait for aka the back-to-school traditions we all know and love.

Wardrobe upgrade

New Wardrobe Yup. It's time for that new wardrobe.

Whether you’re forced through an overcrowded aisle at DSW with your mom to try on a third pair of brown clogs or cruising through Urban Outfitters with your squad picking out the perfect loose tee and faded skinnies for the first day of school, the pre-semester shopping is a hit or miss. Gotta love a pair of fresh kicks, but we get it mom...we’ve grown a LOT since last year.

Clean pencils, notebooks and weird-emoji-pizza erasers

Supplies When your mom asks you which school supplies you need.

There are two kinds of school supplies shoppers in this world: those who buy the 5 solid colored folders for one dollar, and those who intensely peruse every leopard/cheetah/neon/ Game of Thrones printed pencil case in the aisle. Either way, by week 3 of class, those notebooks will all be your worst enemy.

New lockers

Locker This is going to be the year. We can tell. ?

Maybe the sophomores get one hall and juniors get another, so a new hall is what you’re looking for. Maybe with seniority, the lockers get bigger or shift from bottom row to top row. Hello, makeup mirror. And most definitely, if the lockers are rearranged by alphabetical order- you’re looking to see what new kid squeezed in next door between the “E’s” and “G’s.” Yo what’s up Fred Frank #coolnamebro.

Strange teachers.

Teacher We all hoping for this type of teacher, amiright?

The history teacher is named Mr. Rufus-burger? Did I get that right? Wait, did the pottery teacher just say to call her Liz? Cooool. We’re supposed to read 40 pages of Lit before Thursday? Is this guy kidding?! Basically, in week one, the new faces are either gonna crush it or blow it. First impressions are key, but nothing truly encapsulates a teacher like a full semester with them. So be patient. Who knows who you’ll end up liking the best, or better yet, who you’re still gonna remember years down the road (Pro tip: Those are usually the best).

Good luck guys and happy back-to-school month!

Krista Doyle