How to Motivate Yourself to Get Drivers Ed Done

Once the back to school signs start hitting stores, you know summer is officially coming to a close. It’s sad. Say goodbye to staying up late, lax schedules, and free days of sleeping in and watching Netflix. You’re going to be thrown back into the daily grind and one of the hardest things to bring yourself into on top of it all is driver’s ed.

Groaning UGHHHH

You probably just groaned. Typical.

Well, whether you like it or not, it’s necessary. You’re heading back to school and what better time than now to be educated on all fronts?

Driver’s ed doesn’t have to be an annoying task to add to your list. You can get yourself in the spirit with the help of these seven motivational tips.

  1. Keep your eye on the prize.

Remember why you’re doing all of this in the first place. There’s a major goal here, and keep that in mind as you go through the process. If it helps, make a list of things you’ll be able to drive and keep positive reminders around. Think about everything you’ll do and how accomplished you’ll feel knowing you’ve done it. Yes, you’re busy, but driving will only help alleviate some of the stress. You’ve got this!

Eye on the prize - DJ Khaled Major Key

  1. Stay positive.

You could dwell on how busy you are and how boring class can be, but in the end it’s much more motivational to just remain positive. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by complaining and it will only pack your schedule with one more thing, so take moaning and groaning about driver’s ed off your list.

Positive - new girl Stay positive!

  1. Organize, organize, organize.

You’ll thank yourself once you get everything in order. You might not feel like you know where to begin, but after getting paperwork in order, marking your calendar, and saving yourself the extra added tasks, you’ll be taking away even more stress. You can finally focus on the fun stuff. Who will be the first person along for the ride? Where will you go? That’s more like it!

Organize Organization is essential!

  1. Stay busy.

If you’re focusing on the whole point (learning, duh!) and studying, it will help make the process much smoother. Instead of ignoring your lessons or necessary assignments, put down your phone or pause Netflix, get productive and remember that you’ll be doing yourself AND future passengers favor.

Undivided Attention Pay attention!

  1. Weigh your options.

Sure, you could skip the whole driver’s ed thing… But then you’ll be without a license. From there what will you do? Exactly. If you have to turn to the pros and cons to get yourself motivated, then by all means, do it.

Jay leno back and forth Weigh your options and pick the best choice

  1. Actually use what you learn.

A groundbreaking concept! Not that any form of learning is more important or crucial than another (everyone has their fave subjects and preferences), but driver’s education is one of the most important courses you can take. These rules are crucial to your safety and the safety of others. You can’t skip out on it or cheat it, so why not actually apply yourself and be the best you can be? You’re going to have to use these skills everyday.

mad skills Use your knowledge and skills

  1. Treat yourself.

If you’re motivated by gifts, presents, and treats, then do it. You deserve it. Every time you get a great score, make sure to treat yourself. When you pass, buy something fun. If you need some material motivation then give yourself exactly that.

Treat yo self Listen to Tom Haverford!

Back-to-school season isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year, but it doesn’t have to just mean the dreaded end of summer. Make this back-to-school your best yet by accomplishing something big and hitting the road.

Krista Doyle
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