How to Pay Your Toll Road Fine in Ohio

The Ohio Turnpike is the easiest and quickest route through northern Ohio, as well as a connection to Indiana and Pennsylvania and several Interstate highways in Ohio. Toll roads throughout Ohio cost money to drive on because the roads are paid for by the tolls, rather than through taxes. There are a few different options for paying your tolls while driving on the turnpike, including cash, credit card, debit card, and E-ZPass .

The E-ZPass system uses a transponder to electronically record your toll fares. As you enter or exit the turnpike, an overhead antenna reads the information stored in the transponder. Fares are automatically deducted from your account and the toll booth gate rises automatically. Ohio’s E-ZPass is also compatible with several other states who offer E-ZPass . This allows you to receive the discounted price on many states’ toll roads. Drivers who frequent the toll roads across the state generally choose the electronic option, but for those who only find themselves on the turnpike occasionally, cash, debit, or credit may be the better option.

The Ohio Turnpike Commission provides a handy fare calculator so you are able to predict how much your trip will cost. Along the turnpike, the toll booth stops have specific lanes, and E-ZPass account holders have specific lanes where the electronic transponder on their car allows them to enter and exit the turnpike without stopping to get a ticket or having to stop to pay the toll. If you find yourself in one of these lanes but you don’t have an account, you will still be responsible for paying the toll. If a signal is not received from a transponder, and no match to your license plate is found, an unpaid toll notice will be mailed to your address on file with the Ohio Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or in your state of registration.

Your toll payments should be made within 10 days of driving on the turnpike by following the instructions on your unpaid toll notice. You can also call the Ohio Turnpike at 440-234-2081 to resolve all toll fees and violations.

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Krista Doyle
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