Learn how to Dismiss a Traffic Ticket in Orlando

The city of Orlando is home to millions of residents and visitors each year. With the increased number of vehicles on the road comes an increased chance of getting a traffic ticket. If you find yourself in this situation, there are options for dealing with it. Keep reading to find out how to dismiss a traffic ticket in Orlando.

Steps for Dismissing a Ticket in Orlando

After you receive a traffic ticket, the best approach is to decide what action you're going to take and to do so within a few days. You don't want to put off a response or accidentally miss any deadlines. 

Step 1: Go to Court

When you receive your ticket, you will be assigned a court date. You can always use your court date to present your side of the story. By appearing in court, it's possible to have your fine reduced and dismissed or offer to attend the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI). If you decide to appear in court, the Orlando-area courts are located here:

  • Orange County Courthouse, 425 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801

  • Apopka Clerk's Office, 1111 N. Rock Springs Road, Apopka, FL 32712

  • Goldenrod Clerk's Office, 684 S. Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL 32822

  • Ocoee Clerk's Office, 475 W. Story Road, Ocoee, FL 32761

  • Winter Park Clerk's Office, 450 N. Lakemont Road, Winter Park, FL 32792

Step 2: Pay the Fine

Your other option is to pay the fine through myorangeclerk.com. This is available to any driver who received a ticket — unless you are ordered to appear in court. You can pay the fine online, with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit card. You can also pay in person at the courthouse with cash, check, cashier's check, or money order or mail in your payment.

Keep in mind if you go this route, it is possible for your driver's license to be assessed points, which could cause an increase in your auto insurance premiums.

Step 3: Take a Basic Driver Improvement Course

Florida allows eligible drivers to pay the fine in addition to attending an approved traffic school. You'll see this option called the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI). Choosing to take the BDI course prevents points from being assessed to your license, which could help control the cost of your auto insurance premiums. This option is available to drivers who receive a non-moving violation and do not have a commercial license. If you do choose to attend the BDI course, you have to make the election within 30 days of receiving your ticket. 

Where Can I Attend the Basic Driver Improvement Course in Orlando?

Fortunately, Florida makes it easier on drivers who need to attend the BDI by offering an online version or attending in person. You can find a complete list of approved courses here or by contacting the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV) department. You have to complete the course within 90 days of receiving the ticket unless you file for an extension. 

Take a BDI Course with Aceable

Taking the online Basic Driver Improvement course through Aceable may help you get your ticket dismissed or help you earn further discounts on your auto insurance. Aceable offers a four-hour version that is quick, affordable, and more convenient than sitting in a classroom all day. Getting a ticket is frustrating, but it doesn't automatically mean your auto insurance rates have to increase.

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