The Money Hack That Can Save You $600 on Car Insurance

So, you have a new teen driver in the house. I know what you're thinking––will this affect my car insurance rate? The short answer is: yes. Having a teen on your car insurance policy will cause your premiums to rise. According to, adding a teen driver to a parent’s policy typically increases the bill by 44%. Yikes. Okay, but what if I told you there was a way to avoid some of those rising costs?

A little known secret is that most major car insurance companies offer special discounts for customers who take a qualifying defensive driving course (lucky for you, we make a pretty damn good one!) Even though this money hack can save parents hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance premiums, these discounts are surprisingly not taken advantage of as often as they should be! But enough chit chat, let's get down to brass tax and see exactly what you could be saving with your insurance provider.


aceable geico defensive driving insurance

With GEICO's Driver Training Discount, Texas drivers could save up to 10% on applicable coverages by completing an approved defensive driving course and meeting these requirements:

  • You must be at least 50 years of age\ *
  • You have completed the course on a voluntary basis (not because you made a traffic boo-boo and the judge ordered you to take the course)
  • You do not currently have a Driver Training Discount applied

*This age limit may not apply for all GEICO companies

Average 3-year savings with GEICO + Aceable Defensive Driving : $400

State Farm

aceable state farm insurance defensive driving

State Farm offers discounts on discounts on discounts with their Defensive Driving Discount, Steer Clear Program, and Driving Training Discount. Let's break these down and look at their requirements.

Defensive Driving Discount:

  • You must be the principal driver of the vehicle
  • You have voluntarily taken and completed an approved Defensive Driving course within the last 3 years
  • A certificate must be presented to State Farm showing the course was successfully completed

*Check with your local State Farm agent to get your personalized Defensive Driving Discount amount

Steer Clear Program:

  • Complete an educational course and sign a safe driving pledge to get up to 15% off your insurance rates
  • Must be under 25
  • Must have no at-fault accidents

Driving Training Discounts:

  • All assigned drivers under 21 have successfully completed an approved Driver Education course
  • A certificate must be presented to State Farm showing the course was successfully completed

*Check with your local State Farm agent to get your personalized Driving Training Discount amount

Average 3-year savings with State Farm + Aceable Defensive Driving : $600


aceable allstate insurance discount

If you have Allstate, you can save on your premiums by having your teen complete the teenSMART program, which is an online course offered by a third-party provider. Be sure and ask your Allstate agent for a coupon code to get a discount on a course purchase!


  • Your teen must complete the teenSMART online course
  • After course completion, your agent will let you know which discount you've earned

According to teenSMART, teen drivers who complete their program have up to 30% fewer collisions and 51% fewer bodily injury claims than teens that do not complete the program.

Average 3-year savings with Allstate + Aceable Defensive Driving : $300 - $600 (dependent upon discount)


travelers insurance defensive driving discount

Good news for Travelers customers –– they offer a teen-friendly driving discount!

Travelers Driving Training Discount:

  • Must be under 21
  • Must complete an approved Defensive Driving course

Young drivers under 21 who complete the approved Defensive Driving course are eligible for a discount up to 8%!

Average 3-year savings with Travelers + Aceable Defensive Driving : $320


aceable nationwide insurance discount

It turns out Nationwide truly is on your side because they offer a pretty sweet discount for adults over 55. Parents, get on this!

Nationwide Defensive Driving Discount:

  • Must be over 55
  • Must complete an approved Defensive Driving course

Adults who complete an approved Defensive Driving course will receive a discount of up to 5% !

Average 3-year savings with Nationwide + Aceable Defensive Driving : $200

Now that you know the savings are out there, take advantage of this money hack with Aceable!

Krista Doyle
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