New Bill Lets California Drivers Pick License Photo

Unless you are former supermodel Janice Dickinson, you’ve probably suffered through your fair share of bad or embarrassing drivers license photos. It doesn’t matter how good your makeup looks, or how on point your hair is that day; somehow, the picture that comes back always makes you wonder, “am I actually a cave troll?”

But if you live in California, that humbling reality may be about to change.

SB 1407, proposed by Sen. Josh Newman, D-Brea, would allow Californians to choose the photo on their driver’s license. Here’s how it would work: Drivers could take more than one photo when getting their license at the DMV. Afterwards, you have the power to select from the photos taken to decide which one you want on your driver’s license.

Of course, no good thing comes free; you must pay a fee for every additional photo taken. For an extra fee, you can also use a photo taken elsewhere for your license. Before you get too excited, remember that the photo still has to meet the guidelines for a California driver’s license, which means no filtered selfies. This money will reportedly go to the new Driver Education and Training Fund.

Here are some quick tips for making sure you get a good photo:

  • Avoid wearing too much makeup - it’ll be blown out in the photo
  • Because the lighting is so artificial and fluorescent, be sure to wear some color on your cheeks (this prevents the lighting from making you look entirely yellow and sickly)
  • Keep your lip color natural and subtle; go for a hint of color rather than a full-blown red lip (but if you’re super comfortable with a red lip, go for it!)
  • Don’t forget to smile! License photos always end up coming out somewhat murderous and gloomy, so a grin can go a long way.
Krista Doyle
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