How to Pay Your Toll Road Fine in Florida

Florida has many toll roads and express lanes throughout the state that drivers can pay to access in order to experience less traffic, drive at higher speeds, or find more direct routes. The state of Florida offers SunPass , a prepaid, electronic tolling system that uses a transponder attached to your car to read your account information as you pass through the stations on any toll road throughout the state. The SunPass also allows you to drive on toll roads in both Georgia and North Carolina.

Drivers with a SunPass account can pass directly through the toll stations without stopping and without the worry of receiving a bill in the mail. All tolls are required to be paid, and driving on one of Florida’s toll roads without a SunPass means you will be sent a Toll Enforcement Notice.

According to the SunPass website , “Failure to pay a Toll Enforcement Notice by the due date will result in the assessment of an additional $2.50 administrative charge and the issuance of a second notice. Failure to pay the second notice by the due date can result in the toll and administrative fee amounts being assigned to a collection agency which will add additional fees to the balance owed. Additionally, a registration hold can be placed on your license plate in accordance with Florida Statute and a Uniform Traffic Citation may be issued to the vehicle’s owner.”

If you don’t pay your tolls when you receive the bill, not only will you incur the extra fees mentioned, but your vehicle can be placed under Registration Hold. This means that you will not be allowed to renew the license plate registration of your vehicle until all tolls, fees, and fines are paid in full. You can look up your vehicle on the SunPass website to find out if your car is under the hold and to pay the fines necessary to release the hold. You can also pay both your Toll Enforcement Invoice before your due date and your Pay Collection Notice on the same website if you have driven on a Florida toll road without an account.

Krista Doyle