People Who Get Perfect SAT Scores Do These 7 Things

Getting into the college of your dreams is no easy undertaking, it takes hard work and dedication- oh, and a stellar SAT score. We know it sounds daunting but trust us, all it takes is a little dedication and some serious focus to raise your SAT score. Luckily, we've rounded up some of the top tips for improving your SAT test scores, and it could be easier than you might think.

1. Learn some general test taking tips

While being in-the-know about the actual topics and information being asked about on the SAT is important, learning some general test taking tips can make a huge difference as well. Do you know how to use process of elimination? It's actually easier to identify wrong answers than it is to identify correct answers. Did you know that you can use latin word origins to figure out what words you don't know might mean? Brushing up on these skills could be the difference that earns you those few extra points you're aiming for.

2. Take the test a few times

Practice makes perfect. While the test isn't going to be the same each time you take it, taking the SAT multiple times can help you get in the groove of test taking and help you figure out how to time your work without rushing or running out of time. Taking the test 2-3 times is recommended, but you're welcome to keep trying for that perfect score as many times as you want.

Me during every test ever

3. Take advantage of a test prep course

Living in the 21st century means you have an endless supply of knowledge and test support at your fingertips at any time! Personally, we really like the ones offered by Kaplan because they guarantee that you will get a higher test score…or get your money back! They have in-person classes if you're more of a face-to-face person, but they also have online courses that can fit into your busy schedule.

If you'd like to get started on test prep today, use coupon code ACE50 for $50 off Kaplan's Self-Paced program or ACE150 for $150 off larger packages .

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4. Take practice tests and figure out whyyy you're getting questions wrong .

Taking practice tests can tell you a lot about where you're going wrong. Try to look over your answers to find any patterns in your mistakes. Do you find that you make a lot of careless errors? Slow down. Is confusing wording or misleading content fooling you? Keep an eye out for these types of tricks in future questions and make notes on your exam. Don't understand a concept or topic? Now you have a chance to learn more about it! Identifying the cause of your wrong answers can help you identify the things you should be working on to improve your score next time around.

5. Know which questions you find easy or difficult

Did you know that the SAT isn't scored on how many questions you do, but rather how many questions you answer correctly? Identify the questions that you know you can answer correctly and take your time making sure those questions are answered to the best of your ability so you can make up the most points. Make sure to at least make an educated guess on the questions that don't fall into the "I totally know this!" category. Every blank answer is a potential point you could be missing out on.

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6. Get plenty of sleep the night before your test and eat a full breakfast

The SAT can take a good amount of time and the last thing you want is to be tired or hungry during the test. Eliminating as many distractions as possible will help to ensure your test taking goes smoothly and you're able to focus the whole time.

7. Make notes on your test booklet

Underline key words. Circle important information in the readings. Scratch out and rewrite test questions in a way that makes sense to you if you have to. Use your test booklet to your advantage and make notes that help you stay on track.

You've got this!

Krista Doyle