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Raffle Winners From The Texas Teen Book Festival

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This past weekend, Aceable hung out at the Texas Teen Book Festival at St. Edward’s University. If you didn’t get a chance to catch us, you missed out on cool prizes, fun photos, and the chance to meet our best friend, Ace! We were amazed at the excitement shown by everyone, and we just wanted to thank everyone for coming out.

Overall, the turnout was great, and we had a fun time chatting with and answering questions for everyone. Check out a few photos from the event, and if there are any more questions, check out our FAQ page for more info!

Contest Winners:

Throughout the day, we also had multiple giveaways with cool prizes. Many of our visitors walked away with awesome Aceable pins and even some t-shirts. We also hosted a raffle during the event, where three lucky winners will receive a car kit, a free copy of Aceable Driver’s Ed, or an iPad Mini with a free copy of Aceable!

Here are our lucky winners:- 1st Place Winner (iPad Mini + free copy of Aceable): Jerusalen Garcia Jordan - 2nd Place Winner (free copy of Aceable): Jack Blake - 3rd Place Winner (car kit): Chantel Ullrich

Congratulations! We will be notifying the you via email, so be on the look out! If your name isn't on this list, make sure to enter our Halloween Costume Contest (details posted soon!)

More Pictures from TTBF2014

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