Red Light Cameras: What You Need To Know

Have you ever been at a traffic signal and seen a series of small flashes going off near the light, or noticed bizarre looking cameras at different intersections around town? What you're seeing is probably a red light camera. While you should always be conscious of stopping fully at red lights and not speeding to rush through them, you should be even more so when you're at an intersection with a red light camera to avoid fines and red light camera tickets. Red light cameras Those flashing lights aren't the paparazzi

What is a red light camera?

Red light cameras are motion activated devices meant to discourage drivers from speeding through red lights at the threat of financial punishment through the use of photo enforcement. If at any point a car continues driving after the light has changed to red, a series of photos and videos are taken by this camera system and sent to a specialized team for review. This team then reviews the footage and determines if a violation has occurred. If it's determined that a violation did in fact occur, the documentation along with your license plate number is then sent to a county police department where a law enforcement officer reviews the information and determines if a citation should be made. Citations mean you're going to be paying some dough to the county and dealing with some points on your license too. Red light camera Sad light wants you to stop.

Why do we have red light cameras?

Based on information provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 22% of traffic accidents in the United States are caused by red lights being run. These kinds of accidents kill 800 people each year! That's 800 totally preventable deaths and all it takes is stopping at red lights. Seriously, how easy is that? Red light cameras were put in place to help prevent these needless accidents from occurring. How? By creating a type of punishment for people violating this super important traffic law and putting public safety in danger. Not to mention these traffic cameras free up time and resources so police officers can address more immediate concerns.The good news is that if you're already complying with traffic law, which we know you totally are if you're an Aceable driver, then you don't have anything to worry about! Just follow all of the rules you learned in drivers ed and you shouldn't receive a single traffic citation from these camera systems. If you see the light turn red, stop driving. If you see a yellow light, slow down and prepare to stop. Easy enough, right? The red light camera program is simply meant to discourage bad driving behaviors and increase traffic safety. And remember, ain't nobody got time for a red light runner, except for maybe a police officer. Red Light Cameras

Krista Doyle
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