Road Tripping: The Better Option While Traveling

Gas prices have been shooting up since their pandemic era low, making your commute to work cost almost twice what it did in 2021. 

By the time you read this article, consumer gas prices may have edged down a bit. Still, you're probably wondering why road tripping might be the better option while traveling, especially when the days of cheap driving seem to be in the past. Read on to see why millions of Americans are choosing to travel by car.

You'll Make Your Destination on Time

Flying will always be the fastest choice for long trips, but it can be unpredictable. At this writing, the industry has a shortage of pilots and crew, leading to an unprecedented number of last-minute cancelations. 

Moreover, flying with other passengers is both uncomfortable and increasingly dangerous. In the old days, you might get stuck next to someone who needs to use the restroom (and climb over you) multiple times. But in the post-covid era, you could end up getting in a fight with your neighbor.  

Road tripping might be the better option for a tranquil and reliable trip.

Road Tripping Is the Better Option for Pitstops

If you like to observe the world from on high, flying is for you. But road tripping allows you to embrace pitstops and distractions along the way. Load up on regional junk food or seasonal produce. Go to places like the Corn Palace and the Rainbow Rock Shop. If you see a local fair, stop and let your kids have fun.

Taking the car means not having to wait until you arrive at your destination to see the sights. The sights are everywhere, especially if you're willing to venture off the highway and explore secondary roads.

You Can Bring Your Big Dog

Sure, you can make special arrangements to fly with your pet in the hold. But air travel can be stressful for pets, and there are limitations — for instance, most airlines won't allow you to bring your pet if temps are too high. That's a good precautionary measure, since dogs do sometimes die of heatstroke while in cargo, but it makes travel with pets a headache.

If you're driving, your dog can ride in the backseat and truly be a part of the family. With so many hotel chains now willing to accept your pet, it's not even an inconvenience. It'll get you out of the car more often for pitstops, too, which will make the trip less monotonous, especially if you have children.

In Many Cases, It's a Better Environmental Choice

You burn carbon emissions whether you fly or drive your car to that vacation destination. But if you're traveling with other family members, it's generally less harmful to the environment to take your car. 

The reason? Each person in the car will share the emissions used to drive. Solo drivers consume a bit larger carbon footprint than they would if they flew to the same destination. But once you add other passengers, you are consuming less than you would if everyone in the family flew.

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