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12 best tweets about san antonio traffic

San Antonio Traffic Captured In 12 Tweets

Dear San Antonio,

We love your tacos, your River Walk, and your five-time champion Spurs. But your traffic we do not like. And neither does Twitter. Here are 12 tweets that best express our San Antonio traffic anger.

Start here, drive everywhere.

It’s debatable.

Brackenridge Park. May your Porygon search go well.

standard San Antonio driver position

Plot Twist: San Antonio traffic is just a scheme concocted by our bosses.


Stay away from me Satan.

For real San Antonio. Wyd?

? Major ProTip ?

smh, smh


San Antonio traffic, let D.K. get home so he can scratch their furry faces!

Glad we ended the post with some adorable furry friends because those tweets gave me some anxiety. San Antonio, we love you, but your traffic is unlovable.

Aceable ProTip: Aceable loves you and wouldn’t want you to ever get in a traffic collision, so please remember not to tweet and drive. Save your funny traffic tweets for when you get home.

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