The Best Road Trip Route From Your Nevada Region

Nevada is well-known for only a few of its many attractions. It’s hard to say that Las Vegas isn’t the master status of the state, the immediate thing that comes to mind when you first hear about Nevada. That said, there are plenty of Nevada residents who appreciate their home and live throughout the state. They know the ins and outs of NV and its attractions.

Not only is Nevada full of beautiful sights, breathtaking scenery and fun things to do, it’s also in a central location with tons of traveling options around the surrounding states, making it road trip accessible and wanderlust friendly for any Nevada-based explorers.

Here are the best road trip routes for your Nevada region.

  1. The Northwest Region of Nevada, including Carson City.

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If you’re in it for the long haul, take a trip from Carson City all the way up north to Portland. Make your way through the lush national forests along the way, enjoying nature before heading up to the urban center of Portland with its coffee shops, thriving art scene, and diverse architecture.

Keep Portland Weird Portland has a unique culture

  1. The Northeast Region of Nevada, including Elko.

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From Elko you can head to Salt Lake City, seeing the snow-capped mountains and full woods that surround the city before heading up to Craters of the Moon in Idaho. It’s not quite a trip to the moon, but it’s as close as you’ll get without a rocket ship.

Close to the moon As close to the moon as you can get!

  1. The Southwest Region of Nevada, including Reno.

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Head west to San Francisco. The California city is historic, colorful and full of life, so travelers won’t be disappointed or a loss for things to do. If you’re burnt out on the city life, you can head to Big Sur from there and enjoy the trees and mountains.

Big Sur Big Sur is pretty awesome

  1. The Southwest Region of Nevada, including Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas residents can never leave the lights behind, so don’t stray too far from a cityscape. Check out the southern desert city of Phoenix before heading over to the City of Angels, Los Angeles, and posing by the Hollywood sign.

Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas

Krista Doyle
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