The Best Road Trip Route From Your Ohio City

For most people living outside of Ohio, the state is pretty much known as an abyss. No, it’s not full of cornfields… Get with the times, people! There are plenty of things to do in Ohio, and it’s a state full of so many diverse cities, sights, foods, and people.

Ohio is not only filled with things to do, it’s also close enough to other places that anyone in need of a road trip will have no shortage of options. There’s no better time to check out what Ohio and its neighbors have to offer.

Roadtrip It's road trip time!

Here are a few of the best road trips and routes to take from your Ohio city, not a cornfield in sight.

If you’re from Cleveland, drive along the coast of Lake Erie.

A trip to the beach doesn’t require a plane ticket or a passport. Ohio’s beaches are perfect for soaking up the sun, so you can head from Cleveland’s coast all the way up to Marblehead, a scenic beach town that echoes those of the more well-known south. You can also hop out of the car and take a boat ride over to Kelley’s Island if you’re feeling like leaving the mainland.

If you’re from Columbus, hit the great outdoors.

Go outside We'll def catch you outside!

Columbus residents can see Ohio’s most historic university with an hour-long trip to Athens, Ohio, home of Ohio University, picking up some quirky, unique items in the charming college town before heading down to one of the country’s largest public forests, the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest in Virginia.

If you’re from Cincinnati, head down south.

Cincinnati is near Louisville, Kentucky, home of the traditional Kentucky Derby. Check out the races, trade your derby hat for a cowboy hat, and experience the southern hospitality of Nashville, Tennessee. Country lovers will be obsessed with the city’s music scene while foodies won’t be able to stop snapping their meals.

If you’re from Akron, treat yourself and shop ‘til you drop.

Though Akronites may be Browns fans (yikes), it could be time to check out Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvania city is full of character, with creative shops, huge museums, and a constant flow of new attractions. If you don’t find the deal you’re looking for, you can always head north to Grove City and take advantage of the outlet mall.

Krista Doyle
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