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Top 5 Fourth of July Activities for Teens in San Antonio

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Celebrate Independence this Fourth of July in San Antonio

You tryin' to party in the Alamo City this Fourth of July? Let’s talk about the top events happening in and around the city so when your friends start asking what’s going down, you can be in-the-know.

  1. The end all, be all for San Antonio's Independence Day parties! San Antionio’s Official Fourth of July Celebration has everything you could ever want for your Fourth of July. Parade? Check. Fireworks? Check. Music? Check. A carnival? Check. Are you trying to be fit and healthy this holiday? Check out the Zumbathon or the 1k/5k races. Are you trying to be the opposite of healthy? Eat your weight in funnel cake.

on the fourth of july in san antonio you should try to eat funnel cake Lookit that thing. Photo courtesy of the San Antonio Parks Foundation

  1. Are you a thrill-seeker looking for the ultimate, heart-pounding 4th of July adventure? We gotchoo. Check out the Six Flags July 4th Fest sponsored by Coke. It runs July 2-4, so you’ve got the option to hit one day or all three. Each night, starting at 9:15, you can catch the area’s biggest fireworks show. Fireworks + all the roller coasters you could want? Sign me up.

  2. Help love win and celebrate freedom on Saturday, July 1st and join the 14th annual San Antonio “Bigger Than Texas” Pride Festival! The festival goes from 11:00 and ends with a parade at 7:00. The festival includes activities such as a Pride Championship Wrestling match, Peace-Love-PRIDE Wedding Ceremony presided over by an actual judge, and Krystal Kelly’s Running of the Queens High Heel Race. Gurl, does it get any better than that?

go to pride in san antonio on july 2 to celebrate freedom Besos

  1. Remembering the Alamo is gonna be super easy when you go to Independence Day at the Alamo. History buffs, listen up. This July 4th celebration includes live music, living history demonstrations, and readings from the Declaration of Independence. starting at 9 am and running until 4 pm. Celebrate Fourth of July in San Antonio the way your forefathers would've wanted it.

remember the alamo this fourth of july in san antonio

  1. Treat yo self this Independence Day with the Fourth of July Artisan River Walk Boutique. Check out tons of artists and their work, including pottery, fine art, and jewelry. And that walk along the river isn't such a bad view, either. It's time to treat yo self with some new swag.

treat yourself this fourth of july in san antonio

If you’re trying to get out of town, check out some other Top 4th of July Events happening in Austin.

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