What is an FRA Drivers License Suspension?

There are six categories of Ohio drivers license suspensions and even more individual types of suspensions. One of them is an FRA drivers license suspension.

What exactly is an FRA drivers license suspension? Let’s find out!

FRA Driver License Suspensions

FRA is a financial responsibility suspension, or better yet, it’s a lack of financial responsibility. If a motorist is caught driving without auto insurance they’re in violation of the Financial Responsibility Act and they’ll receive an FRA suspension, also known as a financial responsibility law suspension or random selection suspension. You can also receive an FRA license suspension for allowing your vehicle to be driven if you don’t have auto insurance coverage.

FRA charges can be tacked on to other offenses, but the really bad thing is you can get charged with an FRA infraction even if you aren’t stopped while driving. The Random Selection Program allows the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to randomly select 5,400 people a week who own a registered vehicle. The owner will then receive a letter stating that they have to prove they had insurance on a specific date.

If the randomly selected person can’t provide proof of insurance that meets state minimums they’ll receive an FRA license suspension.

What Happens If You Get an FRA Drivers License Suspension

What happens if you get an FRA drivers license suspension

The penalties involved with Ohio license suspensions vary depending on why the suspension is issued. An FRA suspension isn’t as serious as other suspensions, but you will have to jump through a few hoops.

The suspension for an FRA violation is 90+ days. To get the FRA drivers license suspension lifted you’ll have to:

  • Pay a $150 reinstatement fee
  • Carry an SR-22 certificate of insurance for three years

There’s also a very good chance when you do get auto insurance the rate will be higher than average due to the suspension.

What if you get a second FRA suspension? Each FRA suspension comes with harsher penalities. The second time a driver receives an FRA drivers license suspension within five years:

  • Their license will be suspension for a year.
  • The reinstatement fee goes up to $300.
  • The driver has to carry an SR-22 certificate of insurance for five years.

You’ll also be blocked from requesting limited driving privileges for at least 15 days after receiving a second FRA suspension.

What Happens If You’re Caught Driving With an FRA Drivers License Suspension

Driving with an FRA license suspension

Driving while under suspension is a big no-no. If you’re charged and convicted of driving with an FRA drivers license suspension (unclassified misdemeanor) a number of things can happen:

  • Your suspension can be extended.
  • Your vehicle can be immobilized for 30-60 days.
  • You may get community service up to 500 hours.
  • Points can be added to your license.
  • Additional fines up to $1,000 will have to be paid.

If you’re caught driving under suspension more than once the penalties will get harsher. You’re much better off getting adequate auto insurance and requesting that the BMV or court grant limited driving privileges while you’re on suspension. You won’t be able to drive whenever you want, but you will be able to get to work, school and family functions.

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