Which States Have the Most Speeding Tickets?

Have you ever wondered if some states just have faster drivers than others? 

It's tempting to make assumptions based on casual observations. For instance, Texas, which has thousands of miles of open road, seems like it would have a higher percentage of speeders. 

Statistically speaking, though, Texas doesn't even make it into the top ten. Here are the states that do.

1. Virginia  

Old Dominion tops the list with the highest percentage of speeding tickets in 2020, or 17.73%. A Virginia speeding ticket costs $6 for every MPH over the speed limit you go, unless you are in a residential zone. Then you can expect to pay $8 for each MPH, with as much as a $250 fine tacked on. There are also $62 in court costs.

2. Iowa 

An impressive 17.55% of Iowa drivers had speeding tickets in 2020. If you get caught speeding in the Hawkeye State, you'll pay between $20–$100, depending on how many MPH over the speed limit you go. If you are 20 miles over the limit, you'll pay an additional $5 for each additional mile.

 3. Ohio

Over 17% of Ohio drivers — 17.3% exactly — had speeding tickets in 2020. Ohio has hefty speeding fines, ranging from $136–$330. You'll pay even more if you are caught in a school or construction zone. 

4. South Carolina 

If you're getting a driver's license in South Carolina, you should know that 16.55% of the drivers here had a speeding ticket in 2020. Fines vary depending on the country where you got the violation. Although the state does not use a point system to penalize people with moving violations, you could lose your license after too many offenses. 

5. North Dakota 

Just over 16% of drivers in this Plains state had speeding tickets in 2020. Like many states, North Dakota has both basic speeding limits and absolute speeding limits. The state has a complex system of fines for both violations, starting at $30 for a basic speeding violation.

6. Wisconsin 

Thinking of getting a Wisconsin driver's license? Almost 16% of drivers here got speeding tickets in 2020. Typical fines for speeding range from $30–$300, but this amount can double if you are a repeat offender. 

7. Wyoming

The wide open spaces of Wyoming make it easy to drive faster than you realize. A little more than 15% of Wyoming drivers got speeding tickets in 2020. A basic speed law violation here carries an $85 fine. If you're caught going 20 MPH over the posted limit or more, you'll pay an additional $7 per mile.

8. Hawaii

Fifteen percent of Aloha State residents were caught speeding in 2020. The fine for driving 15 MPH over the posted limit is $142, and residents will see a 6% jump in their auto insurance if they don't take a defensive driving course to remove the ticket from their record.

9. Colorado

The Colorful State has its share of fast drivers — 14.45% of the state's residents got speeding tickets in 2020. Fines for speeding start at $30 and go up to $1,000 for reckless drivers going more than 25 miles over the posted speed limit.

10. Idaho

Idaho rounds out the list of speedy drivers in the United States. In 2020, 14.65% percent of Idaho state residents received speeding tickets. Drivers caught speeding in the Gem State generally pay $90 for driving 1–15 miles over the posted speed limit, or $155 or going faster than 15 miles over the limit. Violations are more in construction zones or school zones.

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