Who You Gonna Call When You Run Out of Gas?

Your car is rolling along on the highway and you're listening to your favorite music, the wind in your hair flowing through the open window... and bam! Your car starts to putter, so you pull over to the side of the highway and find you ran out of gas. It's one of the most un-fun things about driving, and we've all been there. Here are three solutions you can use to fill up your gas tank and get back out on the open road — safely.

1. Call Aceable for Roadside Assistance

Aceable provides excellent emergency roadside assistance with perks that give you complete confidence and trust as you drive. The robust roadside assistance features of Aceable's coverage are specially tailored to all the situations you're afraid of on the road. Run out of gas? There's fuel delivery! Locked out of your car? Consider it unlocked. Aceable also offers battery service, flat tire service, towing, and winching.

Private and rented vehicles are covered as well as motorcycles, towed trailers, recreational vehicles, and even special equipment under $100. The key to good roadside assistance is reliability, and Aceable has your back.

2. Call a Friend

Don't have roadside assistance? Afraid of the costs that may be associated with calling a tow truck or other service to fill up your gas tank? Call a friend. Although some instances of pulling over onto the side of the highway with a second car on the shoulder can be tricky, if you're careful and never cross the white line into the street, this can be an effective way to replenish your gas can enough to get you to the next service station. 

If they do not have access to a gas can, they can drive you to the service station, pick up the gas, and bring you back to your vehicle. Ideally, your friend won't charge you, but you never know. We don't know your friends.

3. Call a Tow Truck

If you're at the end of the line, don't have access to emergency roadside assistance, can't call a friend or family member, and are stranded, call a tow truck. This is probably the most costly option. According to HomeGuide, most tow truck companies charge between $50 and $125 for just five- or ten-mile tows (either to the gas station, a service garage, or your home). Be aware that with Aceable's Roadside Assistance, a tow truck is included with their services.

Some offer fuel delivery, however, you must ask explicitly so they know to bring some. Most tow trucks do not have certain materials on hand unless they know where they're headed and what the job is. So, say you're in the middle of a cow pasture in the countryside and the nearest gas station is 20 miles away. You'll be out a pretty penny when you get there.

Follow Roadside Guidelines and Always Be Careful!

As far as safety when you run out of gas, Roy Wasko of Wasko's Marathon and Garage in Brecksville, Ohio, has some tips.

"It depends on where it happens," said Wasko. "If you can pull over to the shoulder or coast off an exit ramp, that's ideal. Put your flashers on and call your insurance. If it happens in the middle lane of the freeway, put your flashers on and call 911 immediately. Never try to get out of the car."

The moral of the story? Always make sure your gas tank is filled, your phone is charged, and your car is in good shape to drive. All of these things can be avoided with common sense and preparation. Always keep your proof of insurance and roadside assistance so that when you do get in a pinch, the information is readily available.