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Your teen's journey to independence starts with Aceable

We know learning to drive is not only a big step for your teen but for you as well. We're not just a Drivers Ed company; we're your partner through this journey.

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How Aceable Creates Safe Teen Drivers

Virtual Reality Driving Scenarios

Our interactive virtual reality driving simulations allow teens to practice and explore real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled way right from their phone.

Help Center How To’s

Our extensive Help Center provides detailed step-by-step instructions for every aspect of the licensing process, making it easy for both you and your teen to navigate.

Ace Our Virtual Driving Instructor

Studies show that students are more likely to focus and retain information when guided by an instructor. In fact, our students even ask for him by name, Ace the Robot.

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Why trust anyone but Aceable to teach your teen?

Research shows that teens learn best with a blend of fun and science. Aceable employs driving education experts with 50+ years of experience to develop courses that utilize science-backed learning methods, engaging videos, and interactive games. Our goal? To ensure your teen not only absorbs the information effectively but also feels motivated to become a responsible driver.

Curious about our approach? Discover the science behind our curriculum.

Modern Drivers Ed for Modern Life

From One Parent To Another

More than 2 million families trust Aceable!

Star Ratings

I rate this course 5 stars because the learning was entertaining and made me actually want to learn! I felt prepared to drive when I got my license and I love aceable!


Star Ratings

I rate it five stars because you can do it at your own pace, fast, slow, however you want! I’m so happy I chose this drivers ed!


Star Ratings

Engaging and goes pretty fast. Can do it in my own time. I’m able to do it at home, in school, on a car ride, or wherever. It’s also very enjoyable


Star Ratings

I love doing online aceable has taught me so much in the last week. I highly recommend it and you can do it at home and whenever you want.


How Aceable supports teen drivers

How Aceable Supports Parents of Teen Drivers

Your teen isn’t the only one who needs support! That’s why we provide a roadmap to follow, advice to consider, and tips that will help you both navigate the process of getting a license in Ohio. Your teen is about to take a major step toward freedom and adulthood. But first, they’ll take a lot of baby steps. Aceable is here for you and your teen every step of the way!

Feel Prepared With Aceable’s Parent Tools

We provide everything parents need to keep their teens on track.

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Parent Portal

Create an account to access your parent dashboard to stay informed on your teen's progress and what's happening next.

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Driving Log

Put away the pencil and paper. We've made logging your behind-the-wheel hours so incredibly simple with the built-in driving log in your parent portal. You can just print it and go!

Aceable app notifications preview

Next Step Notifications

Get timely communications for the next steps in your teen's license journey. No more worrying about what to do and when... we're with you every step of the way.

Aceable drivers ed permit test preview

Practice Tests

Your teen can feel confident they’re prepared for their written permit test by taking our free practice tests.

Discover the Aceable Drivers Ed App

Parents and students can download the Aceable app to take the course, monitor progress, and more.

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6 Easy Steps to Getting a License in Ohio

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1. Purchase Your Teen's Driver's Ed Course

Aceable driver’s ed is for teens who are between the ages of 15 and five months and 18. Anyone older than 18 is not required to take a driver’s ed course.

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2. Get your teen's permit

To get a permit your teen will need to take the vision and written knowledge tests at a driver exam station. The driver's ed course does not need to be completed at this time. Your teen will need a permit to start their behind-the-wheel hours.

Aceable drivers ed course question example

3. Your teen will complete their course

Your teen will need to finish the rest of their Aceable course and receive a certificate of completion.

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4. Enroll in a driving school

Your teen will need to do 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a professional driving instructor at a driving school.

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5. Your teen will complete their driving hours

Your teen will need to complete 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with a parent or legal guardian.

Teen holding car key and new license

6. Get your teen's license!

Once your teen has completed their driver's ed course and their behind-the-wheel practice, they can take their driving test and get their license!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if my teen fails the final exam?

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When will my teen get their certificate from Aceable?

Where can my teen take the Ohio drivers ed course?

Not sure if your teen is ready to get behind the wheel?

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Our mission is to help build the most confident, safest drivers possible. That's why we partnered with Allstate to offer a Roadside Assistance program to cover all your driving needs.

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Access Help Videos and Personal Help Line

We offer 24/7 customer support to resolve any of your teen's needs with navigating the course and getting their permit or license. Feel free to reach out at any point!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied or if circumstances have changed, we will issue a full refund if your teen has not completed the course, earned any certificates, or has been filed with any institution.

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