Aggressive Drivers & How To Avoid Them

There are times in life when it’s good to be aggressive. These include, but are not limited to: playing sports, fighting off an angry raccoon or snagging the last donut in the break room. But there are also times when it’s bad to be aggressive -- like when you’re driving. According to the NHTSA, aggressive drivers are those who drive too closely, drive at excessive speeds, weave through traffic and run stop lights and signs, among other crazy acts. No chill. This type of driving behavior can even get as bad as questionable and downright offensive gestures or yelling at another driver, actual confrontation, assault, and even murder in the most extreme cases.

Aggressive drivers aren’t just annoying to the cars around them, they’re also one of the biggest factors in highway collisions and can even lead to fatal crashes. Let’s take a look at some of the main behaviors of aggressive drivers, so that you know how to spot them on the road and can steer clear of aggressive driving yourself.

They're Definitely Not Defensive Drivers

Think: improper lane changes, passing where it’s not allowed, changing speeds and lanes suddenly, not obeying traffic signs or not signaling. Basically, they partake in some seriously risky driving. Much like your mom’s liverwurst, aggressive drivers stink and should be avoided at all costs.

They Have Some Road Rage

Aggressive drivers might honk unnecessarily, flip you the bird or shout obscenities at another driver. These people clearly have no chill, and it’s best not to engage with them. Me thinks there needs to be an anger management class for people with road rage. Oh wait, there is -- and it’s called Defensive Driving (ya know, like how you’re supposed to act on the road?!). Some people need to take this for real, y’all.

They Don't Understand Following Distance

No, not the kind of tailgating that involves cold brewskis, chili dogs, and football jerseys. Aggressive drivers tailgate by following the car in front of them way too closely. These jerks don’t understand the meaning of personal space and could seriously use a lesson on following distance. They have zero concern for the driver's safety in cars around them. Get back, get back, you don't know me like that.

They Endanger Other Drivers

Trying to safely pass the grandma in front of you? An aggressive driver might block your path or rapidly change speeds so that you can’t move over a lane. Just calmly wait until they’re done with their shenanigans before you try to pass.

Know anyone who displays these behaviors? Do you display these behaviors? Get you a Defensive Driving course that’ll teach you how to avoid driving aggressively. Dangerous driving behavior can put pedestrians, people driving bicycles and motorcycles, other drivers and yourself at risk. Let’s keep traffic safety in mind out there, guys. The saying “better safe than sorry” never rang truer. The last thing you want is to cause an accident have to call your auto insurance company or the AAA foundation for a tow because you wrecked your car. Or even worse, hurt someone.

If you experience an aggressive driver on the road, pull over and let them pass. While you're pulled over, give a call to the state patrol or local police department so they can keep an eye out for this driver's vehicle on the road and prevent further incidents.

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