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10 Apps to Make Thanksgiving Traffic Way More Bearable

No one wants to spend their Thanksgiving holiday stuck on the interstate. Thankfully, we found several life-saving apps that will help you outsmart traffic and make your trip home much more pleasant. Whether you want a comedy podcast to pass the time or need a more scenic route to the relatives’ house — these apps have you covered this Thanksgiving.

1. Waze

Use it when: The road to grandmother’s is backed up.

Waze helps you find the best route to avoid insane Thanksgiving traffic. No more four-letter words coming out of Dad’s mouth.

2. iExit

Use it when: You can’t hold it.

Whether you gotta go real bad, need a Chesnut Praline Latte ASAP or have to fill up the tank, iExit tells you what’s ahead and where to stop on the road.

3. Listen

Use it when: “Hotline Bling” is stuck in your head.

Buttons be gone. Listen is an app that lets you play music by gesturing — so you can focus on the road, not your phone.


4. Overcast

Use it when: You’ve listened to “Hotline Bling” far too many times.

No more spotty radio signals or books on tape. Overcast lets you choose from a variety of podcasts and includes features that allow you to control speed, boost voice and create smarter playlists.


Use it when: The family’s busted minivan inevitably starts smoking.

Stranded roadside? Instead of waiting hours for assistance, get help at the touch of your finger with The only thing that should be smoking this Thanksgiving is the turkey.

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6. Greatest Drive

Use it when: You need a breath of fresh air.

If you have to travel a long way this Thanksgiving, you may as well make the trip worth it. Greatest Drive knows the best route is the most scenic. Ah, nature.


7. GasBuddy

Use it when: You spent all your money buying snacks for the kids.

Find the lowest gas prices near you and also get coupons to save on convenience store snacks. Still waiting on a feature that tells you which 7-Eleven has the cleanest bathroom.

8. Roadside America

Use it when: You want to make the most of your holiday.

Heck yeah, I wanna stop at the Big Fish Supper Club in Bena, Minnesota. #Murica ??

 9. iOnRoad

Use it when: You want to set an example for your teen driver.

iOnRoad uses your phone’s video camera to warn you when you’re following another car too closely or are drifting off the road. It also monitors speed, prevents texting while driving and comes with a host of other features. Sounds like a great tool for teens who want to practice driving this Thanksgiving break.

10. Aceable

Obvi we’re including our own app in here. If you can’t drive yet, you can get your license while sitting in Thanksgiving traffic with Aceable. Yup, drivers ed on your smartphone. Now you can annoy your mom by telling her everything she’s doing wrong in the car.

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