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15 Tweets That Will Make You Say “That’s My Dad”

As Father’s Day approaches, it can be tough to think of how exactly to celebrate such a special day for a person whose presence in your life has basically informed your entire existence. Your dad had a hand in not only creating you, but he also has helped guide you on your path toward adulthood… It’s not exactly an easy task to repay that, especially if you were bratty or bad as a kid (and weren’t we all?).

Maybe you’ve tried asking your dad what he wants to do or which gifts have caught his eye. We all know he probably just shook his head (classic dad move) and said something about not needing anything and/or just wanting to spend time with you.

 Yes, this is an easy gift to give in theory, but who doesn’t want to give their pops a thoughtful and sentimental present on his one day of celebration? You could just spend time with him, but you also probably want to spend some money, time, or effort on finding the best surprise.

 Before you get to scouring Pinterest and Googling away what’s left of your monthly data (speaking of dads… it’s his job to figure out who’s using all of that data!), make sure you’re remember just what a father does, what he’s good at, and why he’s here.

 Twitter has you covered and these 15 tweets will not only remind you what your dad’s specialties, talents, and usual tricks are, but they’ll also lead you to the best solution on your Father’s Day gift-giving journey.

 So, who are dads?

 They’re easy to please.

 They’re sentimental.

 They sometimes have a very warped sense of humor.

 Seriously… Sometimes you’re not sure how your dad ever thought of this stuff?

 But they’re too adorable to even question.

 Well, until they go back to the embarrassing jokes.

 At least they’re always prepared!

And they’re always concerned with your safety and wellbeing.

They can even serve as a hairstylist… sorta.

 And if they can’t do hair, they’re at least good for a prank.

 They can’t exactly hide their emotions when it comes to all of the strange shenanigans.

 Dads are always there to pick you up and celebrate.

 And they can surprise you with their thoughtfulness.

Their approval matters.

 Because they always go the extra mile for everyone around.

 Just in case you forgot, they’re really easy to please. Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest.


Happy Father’s Day!

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