3 Advantages of Taking a Defensive Driving Course in Houston

Driving in Houston is always an adventure! Whether you’re navigating the one-way streets downtown, stopping and going through rush hour, or changing lanes on the 26-lane-wide section of I-10 affectionately known as the Katy Freeway, you need to be at the top of your driving game. Taking a defensive driving course in Houston can help prepare you for the realities of driving in Space City. But it comes with a few other advantages as well.

Here are three key benefits of taking a defensive driving course in Houston.     

1. Dismiss a Ticket in Houston

Did you get a traffic ticket in Houston? Or somewhere else in Harris County, TX? Taking a defensive driving course in Houston can negate the long-term effects of that ticket!

Texas driver’s licenses use a point system. If you get a traffic ticket, it adds points to your driving record. The exact number of points depends on how bad your driving behavior was. In general, moving violations come with a two-point penalty, and moving violations that result in an accident come with a three-point penalty. If you get more than six points on your record in a two-year period, your license could be suspended. Yikes! 

Luckily, with court approval, you can take a defensive driving course to erase points from your license!  

2. Get a Discount on Your Car Insurance

Did you know that Houstonians pay around $179 per month on average for car insurance? Your car insurance premiums are based on lots of factors, including:

  • Your age and driving experience

  • Your gender and marital status

  • The value of your car

  • The safety features on your car

  • Your driving record

  • The type of protection your policy offers

Generally, the less risk you pose to the insurance company, the less you have to pay. So, if you prove yourself to be a responsible driver by completing a defensive driving course, you might score a discount on your car insurance!

By the way, most insurance companies have several discount programs available to help make your premiums more affordable. 

3. Help Keep Yourself, Your Passengers, and Everyone Else Safe on the Road

Let’s be real. Houston driving isn’t just an adventure. It’s a challenge. Between the sheer size of the Katy Freeway, road rage, and the heavy commuter traffic, it’s stressful! 

And that’s on a sunny day. Heaven help you when there’s a downpour. Or insane winds. Or the rare, but real, freezing temps that turn the roads into an ice skating rink. 

A defensive driving course can help you prepare for all of these driving challenges. You’ll learn how to safely navigate heavy traffic and weather conditions. You’ll be able to recognize bad driving behavior in other drivers so you can avoid them. And you’ll get comfortable with good driving practices that can literally save lives. 

Whether you’re off to NRG Stadium for a game, taking out-of-town visitors to the Space Center, or heading to Galveston Island for a day at the beach, you need to be able to get around safely.

Enroll in a Houston Defensive Driving Course Today!

Getting a ticket dismissed, earning a discount on car insurance, and becoming a safer driver are all valuable benefits of taking a defensive driving course in Houston. And since you can take defensive driver courses online in Texas, there’s nothing to stop you from getting these benefits. 

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