5 Celebs You'd Never Believe Failed Their Driving Test

If you’re nervous for the big day- your driving test!- you should know that you’re not alone. Your parents, your chatty neighbor, and your grouchy history professor were probably all nervous at one point too and might have failed their first time (Aceable, of course, wasn’t around back then). And just like how gossip magazines claim: “Celebrities-they’re just like us!”, they most certainly are, and have also failed a couple driving tests along the way. Here’s a few stories to remind you that none of us (even in the spotlight) are perfect.

 Emma Roberts 

This tv star should stick to asking her aunt (Julia Roberts we love you) for rides. After failing her driving test, she went back for a second round and failed again. The problem? She didn’t stop before turning right on red and made a joke about not needing to worry about a defroster in California. We laughed, her driving instructor did not.

 Justin Beiber 

There’s a chance Beiber’s hit “Sorry” was actually dedicated to his driving instructor. JK. But seriously, he did fail his first time around #neversaynever. Before even making it to the driving portion, Beibs failed the written exam and took off from the DMV “bawling,” according to his book  First Step 2 Forever: My Story  , and yelling “I hate you!” to all the cars passing by. Wow Beibs, hopefully that only happened One Time .

 Kendall Jenner 

Hey Kendall...maybe you should try keeping up with driver’s ed? (Sorry, we had to). The model and reality tv star failed on the show, in case you missed it, and was too embarrassed to rewatch the episode herself. We don’t blame ya Kendall. But congrats on passing the second time around!

 Austin Mahone 

The pop singer started his day off strong, tweeting “Taking my drivers test today!!” to shortly follow up 30 minutes later with “I failed.” Ouch. Apparently the instructor had to ask him to stop singing in the car (double ouch). Next time, give the pipes a rest and focus on the road Mahomie!

 Meghan Trainor 

While the pop star didn’t provide a back story, her Instagram caption is one of the best ones we’ve seen to date. Posing hard in a hot pink sparkly jacket with a face of pure confidence, it says “When you fail your DMV written test the first time..but pass the second time.” Yas, Meghan. MOOD.

So, you see? We all do it. But here’s a one way ticket to avoid it: https://www.aceable.com/dmv/permit-practice-test/

We got you.

Krista Doyle