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5 Selfie Opportunities for New Drivers (and 1 to Avoid)

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Learning how to drive is a milestone worth documenting. If your outfit and your tasty-looking lunch are worth preserving on the internet, then getting your license definitely is. Here are a few ideas for your Instagram that will fill your friends with jealousy and admiration. Remember: Pics or it didn't happen.

1. At the DPS

You have to visit your local DPS office to apply for your learner's license. This place is notorious for potentially lengthy wait times, and there's a 98% chance you're gonna be bored. Bust out your phone and get a picture of your soon-to-be-driving self. Pose options are kind of limited while sitting in a rickety plastic chair, but do your best. Bonus points for each half-asleep person you capture in the background.

2. At you favorite study spot

You'd probably get in trouble for snapping photos at a traditional driving school. The great thing about Aceable's drivers ed app is that you're never stuck in a classroom or chained to your computer. You can study anywhere you want, since the course is made for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Post a picture of yourself at your favorite place to study (at a coffee shop, on the couch with your cat, outside in the fresh air) before knocking out a few chapters on Aceable.

3. With your parent

I know, posting a picture of you and your mom or dad doesn't exactly scream "cool." But if your parent is patient enough to teach you how to drive, they deserve a little recognition. Enduring jerky stops and yelling at you to slow down ain't easy. Snap a sweet family photo for Facebook to prove that they don't embarrass you (at least not all the time). They'll love it.

4. In front of your new (or not-so-new) car

If you're fortunate enough to get your own set of wheels along with your license, it's basically mandatory for you to take a picture with it. Do the classic double thumbs up, lean casually over the hood, or just pretend you're a game show car model in general. Even if your ride is a rusty hand-me-down or the family minivan, pose next to that baby with pride.

5. With your license.

As soon as that little plastic piece of freedom comes in the mail, you've gotta share a picture of it. After all that hard work, you deserve to insta-brag about this moment. Plus, this may be the selfie-est of all selfies because there's a picture of you within a picture of you. Whoa.

And 1 to Avoid:

DON'T take pictures in your car. I know you would never try to use your camera while driving. Right?! That's incredibly dangerous. Even if you're parked, resist the selfie urge. The best policy is to keep your hands off your phone whenever you're in the driver's seat. Car upholstery is a really lame background, anyway. Share photos of your drivers ed journey with us (@aceable) using the hashtag #aceable.

Krista Doyle