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5 Ways Driving in Texas is Way Worse in the Summer

Sooo it’s like really hot outside in Texas right now. Like REALLY hot. Like let’s go to the nearest gas station and get keys to the ice machine so we can camp out inside it until October kinda hot. You want to know what’s even worse than being overheated outside on the soccer field or school parking lot or wherever else you’re walking around in full sweat? Being hot in the car. From the stuffy temperature to the scorching hot seat belts, we hate being in the car in the summertime. It’s truly the absolute worst.

Like when you’re walking to the car with your friends, ready to blast your favorite jam and drive to get froyo and then you remember you’re about to enter a mobile heater:

Robert downey jr. hand
The worst.

Or when you sit down dripping with sweat and after only 20 minutes of driving your thighs are stuck to the seat and you have to slowly peel them off, wincing in pain:

Face Peel
The worrrrrst.

Or when you’re en route to school with a fresh venti iced latte and then 3 minutes later when you’re going in for a second sip you realize the ice skirted and is now spilling out into your cup holder:

Statue of Liberty Melting
The worst. THE WORST.

How about when the scalding hot seatbelt metal grazes your arm when you’re clipping it in and you practically get a third degree burn?

Knee Nobodies
The worst worst worst.

Don’t even get us started on a broken AC during a total scorcher. Where the towels at?!

sweating Airplane

One thing’s for sure. When the AC is in good health and finally reaches full blast, all is right again. #blessed

This pupppy's ear flapping is adorable

Stay cool out there y’all. The temp isn’t going down anytime soon.

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