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20 Throwback 90's Items You Need for Spring Break

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Want to get more likes on your spring break Instagram pics? Any of these lovely #tbt 90's accessories will do the trick.

1. Polaroid camera

Capture new mems with old tech. Even more instant gratification than a phone pic AND these photos make for perfect room décor.

2. Scrunchie

Hold your hair back in a statement: from sparkly designs to bold pops of color, you’ll be wearing more pony tails than ever before.

3. Choker Necklace

The stretchy, one-size fit all tattoo choker in 2018 is even cooler than it was in the 90s.

4. Brainquest

The ultimate car entertainment for any combo of sibs, friends, and parents.

5. Velcro Toss and Catch

This velcro ball and mitt game is a coast-side fave... Just don’t let the ball fall into the ocean too many times or it’ll stop sticking!

6. Boombox

CDs mandatory. Rewind with hits like Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, Christina Aguilera’s Genie in a Bottle, and No Doubt’s Don’t Speak.

7. Tommy Hilfiger jean shorts

Just make sure you wear a crop top, so you can show off the ultra-cute navy/red logo tag.

8. Slap bracelet

Layered with woven friendship bracelets, this is a classic wrist candy combo. Proceed with caution.

9. Fanny pack

The same convenience of a cross-body but wayyy more functional.

10. Rollerblades

Nothing like cruising the boardwalk in a pair of neon inline skates.

11. Pez

Let’s be honest, the real reason why anyone picks these over Sweetarts is for the dispensers.

12. Calvin and Hobbes books

The best vacation read, always.

13. Butterfly hair clips

Who needs bobby pins when you can hold back your whispies with colorful plastic butterflies?!

14. Hair crimper

Need help with that salty beach wave? Revert to a crimper for some texture.

15. Bop It! game

A game based around a series of commands (pull it, pass it, shake it, sing it etc), this has your next post-dinner entertainment all over it.

16. Baby Bottle Pop

Lollipops are good…dipping a lollipop into more sugar is even better.

17. Mood rings

Happy, sad, jealous, or angry…if you’re having conflicting feelings about an issue, your ring should clear up any confusion!

18. Bucket hat

Denim or camo, this is THE ultimate cool kid look paired with a striped t-shirt.

19. JanSport backpack

Stock this backpack for travel; our personal fave is the mesh material so you can find your things easily.

20. Birkenstock

From printed colors to the classic taupe, slip these on for your most comfortable walking shoes ever.

To celebrate Spring Break this year, we at Aceable thought it might be fun to bring the nineties allllllll the way back. From March 12 to April 6, enter our #SpringAcers social media contest for a chance to win some sweet prizes like the ones mentioned above!

Krista Doyle