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Getting pulled over for speeding is just about one of the worst moments ever for any driver. It happens to everyone, even the most cautious of us.
Roadside emergencies are never fun, but they can be less horrible if you have an emergency car kit. Here are 33 items you should include in your kit.
Have you ever wondered how far you can actually drive with your tank on empty? Is it bad to drive with low fuel? Let's find out.
Oklahoma offers PIKEPASS, a sticker for your windshield that syncs up with a prepaid account and can be read electronically as you drive through tolls.
Red Light Cameras: What You Need To Know
We are well underway into 2018, and for Californians, this means a slew of new laws that went into effect starting January 1.
Paying too much for car insurance? Secret: you don't have to! This money hack lets you put some of that money back in your pocket with defensive driving.
Did you get a traffic ticket in Texas? You can get it dismissed by taking defensive driving. But how do you know if your court allows it?
Ever tried to open your car door on a frosty winter morning only to discover it’s been frozen shut? Don't panic, just follow our tips for melting ice!