How Drivers Ed Helps Teens Take the Fear Out of Driving

Getting a drivers license has long been considered a rite of passage that teens were expected to look forward to with great joy. The truth is, however, that for many, that is simply not the case. For some teens, learning to drive is, instead, a source of great dread. 

Given that driving entails traveling at relatively high speeds in a vehicle weighing up to three tons, a certain amount of trepidation is to be expected. But while a healthy respect for the road is a good thing, the fear of driving is counter-productive — and can be crippling to the point where some teens avoid learning how to drive altogether. 

What Scares Teens Most About Driving

In a recent survey focused on the experiences of 600+ California teen drivers, 73% of teens expressed anxiousness about learning to drive, with some aspects of driving feeling more daunting than others. 

Here are the specific driving scenarios or maneuvers that new teen drivers consider the most intimidating:

Overcoming Teen Fear with Drivers Ed

On the bright side, the survey also revealed that a large majority of teens found that taking a drivers ed course significantly boosted their confidence as new drivers and prepared them for the above-mentioned challenges of driving. 

What to Expect with a Typical Drivers Ed Course

Drivers education courses are designed to teach students how to safely navigate the roadways and reduce the risks associated with driving. They cover important topics such as traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and proper vehicle maintenance. 

Additionally, these courses provide hands-on experience behind the wheel, giving students a chance to practice their skills. When accompanied by instructor feedback and guidance, it is anticipated that this approach would allow new drivers to develop good driving habits and learn how to handle difficult situations on the road.

In short, the formula for the typical drivers ed course is: Teach + Practice = Mastery

For many teens, this formula works. For other teens, a little something extra could make a big difference in their outcomes. 

Bridging the Fear Gap with 360 Video

For some teens, the jump from simply learning about a driving maneuver to actually practicing it out in public represents a leap too far. 

Hearing or reading about the steps that make up a high-stakes driving maneuver does not feel like sufficient preparation for these reluctant teens. It’s just not enough to give them the confidence and motivation to get behind the wheel and acquire the needed practice. 

To help bridge that gap and reduce teen fear of driving, Aceable, a highly rated California drivers ed school, offers a series of instructional 360 videos as part of their drivers ed course that gives students a chance to virtually experience the driving environment before heading out on the road for real. 

In the same way that flight simulators create a virtual in-the-pilot-seat experience for fighter jet trainees, Aceable’s 360 videos give their teen drivers ed students a chance to virtually see and feel what it’s like to be behind the wheel while carrying out the driving maneuvers they’re most anxious about, greatly reducing their fear of driving. 

The Aceable formula, then, looks like: Teach + 360 Virtual Experience + Practice = Mastery

Once the Aceable teen driver student gets to the practice stage of their learning, they’ll feel like they’ve already been there. 

The Reviews Are In! 

If you’re wondering how impactful these 360 videos have been for new teen drivers, here’s a sampling of the reviews offered up by those who have watched them: 

Experience an Aceable 360 Video for Yourself

Seeing is believing, right? Here’s your chance. But before you click on the video link below, here’s what you need to know about 360 videos:

To fully experience a 360 video on your phone, tablet, or computer, simply click play to start the video. Then, while it's playing, click and drag anywhere in the video screen to change the viewing direction. 

Check out Aceble’s 360 video, “Merging onto a Highway,” to see how these innovative videos prepare new drivers for the practice phase of their drivers education experience. 

Why Aceable Should Be Your Drivers Ed Choice

While the state of California sets the curriculum for state-approved drivers ed courses, the manner in which each school builds those courses and teach their students can and will vary greatly. (You’re not going to find those 360 videos just anywhere!) 

The Aceble approach is to offer online courses that teens find as engaging as they are convenient. Whether you're on your mobile phone, iPad, or computer, your progress is saved across every device, so you can adjust your online drivers education course to fit your busy schedule.

Getting your learner's permit or driver's license shouldn't be boring or stressful, and it's Aceable's mission to make that process as enjoyable as possible.

Skip The Classroom and Take Your Drivers Ed Course Online with Aceable!

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