What is California Traffic School?

Well, it happened: you got a ticket. You were way too invested in the song on the radio, running late for work, or simply zoned out after a long day and didn’t realize the speed limit had dropped to 45 miles per hour. The next thing you knew, blue and red lights were flashing in the rear view and you were pulling off to receive your punishment. Paying off a ticket can be stressful and irritating. Especially when you’re on a budget and didn’t set aside money for your lead foot.

That’s where California Traffic School comes in.

california traffic school

What is California Traffic School?

Commonly referred to as defensive driving, traffic school is an easy way to get your moving traffic citation dismissed. It’s ultimately up to the court but if you’re offered the option to take traffic school, that means you are essentially being given a chance to keep violation points off your record and have your ticket dismissed. It also keeps the likelihood of your rates going up, down.

Or maybe you didn’t receive a ticket - hooray! However, you’re still paying a little more than you’d like be for California car insurance . Enrolling in traffic school voluntarily is a great opportunity to receive a safe driver’s discount.

How to Take California Traffic School...Online!

California Traffic School is something you can easily complete through a California online traffic school course . You work at your own pace and immediately receive a certificate upon your completion. In the course, you’ll learn techniques to avoid accidents through conscious and alert defensive driving. You’ll also brush up on California traffic laws and learn helpful tips for how to abstain from future citations.

You qualify to take California Traffic School if you have a valid license, your citation wasn’t received while under the influence, you did not receive a misdemeanor, and you weren’t driving for a commercial entity. You can do traffic school once every 18 months for citation dismissal.

If you are completing the course for reduced insurance rates, make sure you contact your provider for details as the whether or not you qualify. The offer is usually geared towards new and older drivers (over 65) but it is always worth looking into, no matter what your age.

Sometimes when we’ve been driving for a long time, we develop little habits of impatience or distraction. That ranges in everything from unsafe following distance to disregard of traffic signs. For example, you pull up to stop sign and there are no cars around so you go for the infamous California stop. Perhaps you drive the same interstate everyday and weaving through lanes of overly cautious drivers without your blinker has just become second nature.

It’s good to take a step back and remind ourselves of the small minutiae when it comes to driving. There are so many instances where a tiny, unconscious decision to not do something can lead to a devastating effect. For this reason, traffic school isn’t just a tool to get a ticket thrown out so you can get back to speeding to work. It’s not a boring class to click through to save some money. If you take it seriously, it can serve as a reminder that the way you drive is actually incredibly crucial to the safety and wellness of you and every single person on or near the road.

Krista Doyle
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