The Truth About Aceable: A Driver's Review

We had a third-party licensed driver review our app and course. This is what she had to say.

Aceable has helped over 500,000 students earn their driver's permit and license . The Aceable Drivers Ed app is available to help students in Texas , Florida , California , Ohio , Illinois , Nevada , Oklahoma , and Pennsylvania , work through every step of the process.

About the App

The Aceable app is the only native app fully approved by the governments of the above states to allow you to take drivers ed directly from your phone.

Ace the Robot will be there to walk you through every step of the way. He can read the information for you, talk you through the course, and offer guidance and encouragement on the path to your driver's license.

The Aceable app makes drivers ed accessible anytime, anywhere. Whenever you have any free time, you can work through a module, take a practice test, or watch some helpful videos. This also means that you aren’t sitting in a boring classroom learning the material - you are learning in an engaging, stimulating way, wherever you feel most comfortable. The app also syncs across any device you’re using, so you can switch from a phone to a tablet with no issues.

Engaging Content

You already spend so much time in a classroom, listening to teachers while sitting at an uncomfortable desk. The Aceable app makes learning fun! While many courses claim to be entertaining, Aceable uses clever and witty writing, relevant and hilarious memes, interactive videos, and virtual reality to keep everyone entertained and engaged, making it easier to remember what you’re learning.

The app also provides practical tools and help in the process of becoming licensed. This is a full, state-legal course that is a replacement for in-classroom drivers ed. You are able to keep track of your to-do list with an in-app checklist of requirements, ensuring you don’t miss any steps. A copy of your permit is stored in the app, so you have it on hand at all times, and Aceable provides you with examples of all of the documents necessary to become a licensed driver along with instructions on how to properly complete the forms.

Study Tools

In the study tools section of the app, Aceable provides a step-by-step guide to practicing your behind-the-wheel skills in the Driving Manager, as well as practice tests and 360-degree VR videos that allow you to experience various driving scenarios in a completely safe manner.


Safety First

The app works hard at instilling all of the safest driving techniques so that they become second nature by the time you become a licensed driver. You will learn the importance of wearing your seat belt, not texting while driving, and continuously scanning the road and your surroundings as you drive.


Drivers Ed can be expensive, adding another roadblock on the way to getting your license. Aceable Drivers Ed is up to 80% cheaper than traditional drivers ed, while offering much more flexibility and fun to the process.

Parental Tools

Your parents are able to monitor your progress on their own device, see your test results, and understand the course material that is being covered, so they can be assured that you are learning how to become a safe, competent driver.

Great Support

Aceable’s customer support team is available 7 days a week to help with anything you have questions about. And you don’t even have to call - they are available via text and email for your convenience.

Let the Reviews Speak for Themselves

A 4.9-star rating on iTunes from 12,000 people can’t be wrong!

Aceable Review 4.9

Check out some of our happy drivers and download the app today to get started!

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