Drivers Ed Over Winter Break? Why You'd Be Smart to Start

Me as soon as school gets out Me as soon as school gets out

You have finals to study for and probably don't want to think about taking a drivers ed course -- I get it. When winter break rolls around you're so burned out from staring at algebraic equations that all you want to do is watch Will Ferrel in an elf costume and eat a bag of those misshapen Reese's Christmas trees .

But Aceable drivers ed is a course that's practically built for those who prefer lying on the couch and binge-watching the Frosty cartoons to sitting in a classroom (read: everyone). Aceable is all on your phone or laptop, and allows you to get your permit in as few as three days , which means you can spend the rest of break polishing off Advent calendar chocolate and/or Chanukah gelt. Here's why you'd be really smart to start Aceable drivers ed while you have some downtime. Seriously, think about it.

Do Drivers Ed While Waiting Up For Santa

39061-Santa-Snoopy You can take Aceable at the pace you want, the times you want and the place you want. After-school drivers ed programs fill up quickly and don't give you much flexibility. Plus, more school. Womp. Womp.

Get on the Nice List

giphy-2 Just think how responsible you'll look to your parents by asking for drivers ed as a gift this Christmas. Hey, not having to drive you around anymore is a gift to them, too.

Take Advantage of Holiday Sales

giphy-3 You know we're gonna be having some sweet discounts throughout the holidays. (Need I mention that Aceable's already one of the most affordable options out there?) Also, if your high school has a unique Aceable coupon code, you get 25% off and we donate $25 back to your school. How's that for the giving spirit?

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ...

giphy-5 ... to take drivers ed. Cuddle up by the fireplace with a couple of fascinating chapters on driving in winter weather and have your permit by next semester.

Don't Be a Grinch

giphy-6 Click below to get Aceable! It's the easiest and fastest way to become a licensed driver. Now that's a gift to be excited about.

Put Aceable on My Christmas List

Krista Doyle
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