Drivers Test Scenes from '90s movies

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad, 1988

While on a wild chase, Detective Frank Drebin flags down a passing car to hop in and follow his suspect. When the elderly passenger seat rider says “Check your mirrors” the detective realizes his fatal mistake. Watch as Stephanie turns from a cautious cruiser to a daredevil driving demon amidst the bumper to bumper hunt on her driving exam. Huge props to Steph for keeping her eyes on the road while the detective is blasting gunshots from the backseat. In the words of Frank, “nothing to see here.” Andddd, don’t try this at home.

Clueless, 1995

Our number one tip when you go into your driving test? Don’t be like Dionne and Cher. In fact, be the opposite of Dionne and Cher. No screaming, no closing eyes, and DEFINITELY no taking your hands off the wheel! We’re glad this traumatic experience brought you closer to your boo, D, but we’ll pass on the ride to school. Catch ya at the bus stop. Next time you have to third wheel Cher, maybe choose a spot without wheels?

License to Drive, 1988

What if driving tests consisted of a driving instructor with a hot cup of coffee on the dash. One rule and one rule only: spill and you fail. Meet Les Anderson, the starlet of License to Drive, AKA the driving test they tell horror stories about. Watch Les navigate “light traffic” and master the parallel parking test. But does he manage to keep the coffee cup steady!? Find out here: Did Les handle the stress? See you on the battlefield sometime, soldier.

Summer School, 1987

High school teacher Freddy Shoop is roped into teaching a summer school driving course right before his Hawaiian vacation. The students? A group of angsty teenagers. Watch as he tries to teach Denise a thing or two on the road, and how she checks before pulling into the road (okay, probably a little too many times). Want to rattle your friend when they first begin to drive? Shout "we live!" once they bring the car to a stop.

Krista Doyle
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