How Much Does It Cost to Take Ohio Drivers Ed?

If you want to start driving in Ohio before your 18th birthday, drivers ed is unavoidable. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) requires that all drivers under the age of 18 take drivers ed before they can get a full fledged license.

It really doesn’t take that much time to complete an Ohio drivers ed course. The hangup for some teens is the cost.

The Cost of Classroom Instruction

cost Ohio drivers ed classroom instruction

There are two components to drivers ed in Ohio . The classroom instruction is what students tend to start first because it takes longer to complete, helps prepare you for driving and is cheaper.

At Aceable, a BMV-approved drivers ed provider, our online course is just $49 , which is fairly standard. That covers all 10 levels and 24 hours of required classroom instruction.

You can take a combo drivers ed course (that combines the classroom and behind the wheel instruction), but there’s one benefit to doing it separately if you’re low on funds. The classroom instruction, which is much more affordable, will help you pass the exam for getting a temporary instruction permit identification card (TIPIC). With a permit you can at least drive legally with someone 21 and older in the vehicle.

It’s not a license to drive on your own, but it’s at least a start. Plus, you have to have a permit for 6 months before you’re eligible for a probationary license.

The Cost of Behind the Wheel Instruction

Ohio behind the wheel drivers ed cost

Part 2 of Ohio drivers ed - behind the wheel instruction - is where things tend to get expensive. That’s because a professional driving instructor must supervise your driving for at least 8 hours. Gas and insurance expenses may also be a factor.

Behind the wheel instruction usually costs around $300-400 at an approved driving school . That’s a lot of birthday money. In order to enroll you’ll also need your temporary permit, which costs $22.

At one time, Ohio high schools provided drivers ed to students that wanted to learn how to drive safety. But over the last 15 years that has changed due to state regulations and costs incurred by the schools to stay compliant.

Today, young drivers have to save up and suck up to their parents if they want a license to drive on their own before turning 18 years old. In total, you’ll need at least $377 to cover all the costs for taking Ohio drivers ed courses .

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