How Much Is Drivers Ed in California?

Learning to drive is an exciting time, and it can be fun! But before you’re able to get your official license, you’ll need to take a drivers education course to learn more about becoming a great and safe driver. It provides foundational skills, experience, knowledge, and confidence to begin your driving journey. Its aim is to prepare you to be a safe driver for life. 

To get started with drivers ed, you’ll want to know what your options are and how much it costs in the state of California. Your two main options are high school classes and private driving schools. High school courses are typically free, but a private school will offer more focused training. The expenses will vary depending on what school you choose. 

Let’s dive into what the drivers ed requirements are in California, how to choose a reputable course to meet your needs, and how much it might cost to get the education you need. 

Drivers Ed Requirements in California for Teens

Passing a drivers education course is required to get your official drivers license. In addition, to get your learners permit, you need to show that you’ve taken the class or have enrolled in one. What counts as an official drivers education course? The main requirement is that you complete 30 hours of education and six hours of training with a professional instructor. If the course meets both of those requirements, it will help you get your license. 

You can get your permit in California once you’re 15 ½ years old. Before doing so, you’ll want to enroll in your course. So let’s look at how to choose one. 

Selecting a Drivers Education School

Here are some tips for choosing a great and qualified drivers education school: 

  • Check that the school is licensed. You can call the local DMV and see that the school is officially registered and licensed. 

  • Make sure the staff is licensed. For your driving school experience to count, the instructors need to be professionals. You can check their status by contacting the DMV or checking the website. 

  • Consider programs that will let you drive in your area. A local school or online program can be beneficial, so you can learn to drive on streets you know. 

  • Look at their prices. Choose a program that fits your budget and provides you with excellent training. 

How Much is Drivers Ed in California?

Drivers ed programs can vary in price, depending on the program you choose. The average costs of drivers ed in California ranges from as little as $40–$80 to as much as $300–$800. Often, the higher price tags are for in-person courses, and the lower prices are for online courses. 

Choosing an in-person course with several hours of videos and guided instruction can cost California parents a lot. That’s why you might consider how an online drivers ed course might meet your needs. These programs provide similar levels of content, just accessible via a smartphone instead of a classroom. 

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