How To Pass Indiana's Written Test for Drivers

Getting a learner's permit is an important first step in practicing your driving skills. But first, if you live in Indiana, you need to pass a written test. The test need not be too stressful if you are able to prepare for the test in advance. Here are some helpful tips in passing your Indiana written driver's test so you can ace it the first time.

How to Pass the Indiana Driver's Written Test

What You Need To Know to Pass the Test

You may first want to get an overview of the process of obtaining an Indiana driver's license. The written test is an important early step in becoming a driver.

The Indiana written test will ask you 50 questions about safe driving and traffic laws for the state. In the exam, there are 16 questions that ask you to recognize a sign and 34 questions that ask for your knowledge of a driving topic. The test format is multiple choice, and you need to get 80% of more of the questions right to pass. That means you are allowed to miss 40 out of 50 questions and still pass.

There is so much to know about when you are a driver. So, the BMV put the information you must learn in the Indiana Driver's Manual. The manual provides information on topics that any driver should know, including:

  1. Signs and Signals. You need to be able to recognize traffic signs and signals and know what they mean. For example, do you know the difference between a red and a yellow sign? The manual explains that a red sign signals a driver must take immediate action. And a yellow sign prepares a driver for conditions ahead. The manual includes pictures of signs, which will help you learn them for the written exam.

  2. Safe Driving. The Indiana Driver's Manual includes several pages of information on operating a vehicle safely. For example, you will need to know the differing rules on rural streets and highways. Also, you will need to know how to protect the safety of others, such as when you are driving near a school bus. 

  3. Accidents and Emergencies. Sometimes accidents or emergency situations occur, and it is important you know how to respond. The written test may ask questions related to hazardous situations such as driving in water or avoiding a collision. The Indiana Driver's Manual describes emergency situations and gives you recommendations on the right way to respond.

Tips for Studying for and Passing the Test

What is most important is for you to identify the areas where your knowledge is weak. Here are some suggestions for you to learn and be confident in the exam. 

  • Download the entire Indiana Driver's Manual and devote time to reading and understanding the information.

  • Enlist the help of a parent or friend who can quiz you on the different areas of the test.

  • Make flash cards of traffic signals and signs, so you can readily recognize them.

  • Answer the sample questions that are drawn from Indiana Driver's Manual.

  • Enroll in Indiana driver's ed so you can get the education you need to feel confident.

Online Indiana Driver's Ed Resources Can Help

Online driver's ed resources are available for Indiana residents who want to get their driver's licenses. Taking driver's ed in Indiana can help you pass the test and learn essential driving skills. Get started today!

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