4 Iconic Rap Lyrics For Every Driver

1. Ridin' by Chamillionaire

If you think about riding in a car and this song doesn’t come to mind at least once, you need to see yourself to the top hip hop hits of the past decade ASAP. The OG song to ridin’ around. Hopefully, you’re not ‘ridin’ dirty’ but the message doesn’t take away from this classic beat. Take a trip down the 2000s memory lane, and get some Chamillionaire on full blast before pulling out of the driveway.


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2. Drivin' Down the Block (Low End Theory) by Kidz in the Hall

Talk about old school, this music vid is truly vintage (even though it was produced in ‘08). Everything about this scene and rhythm makes us want to head to a car dealership on our next free Saturday and do some shopping between all the bright balloons to find that perfect car. A car so perfect, that all you want to do is drive around town. We can taste the freedom already.

“Driving down the block, like what else should a brother do? / It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday, the heat might smother you / This goes out to all my people who love that freedom when they behind the wheel”


3. Just Cruisin' by Will Smith

The ultimate cruisin’ around town jam- for no other reason but cruisin’ around town. Pick up your pals, roll down the windows, and enjoy scoping out the neighborhood. Notice where is phone is? That’s right: OFF. And a pit stop by Mickey D’s isn’t such a bad idea either there Willy.

“While cruisin the blocks, hittin the hot spots / Got my celly on O-F-F /

Golden Arches got my belly goin oh yes, yes /So let's just - ease on down, ease on down the road”


4. Top Back by TI

Wanna feel like a king? Be like TI and ride with ultimate swag: top back, beats low, rims high, and windows pitch black. Yeah, let’s leave out the chopper. But the feeling when you pull out of the DMV post license test? Perfectly captured in the opening snippets of the cars rolling into the garage. Dancing in front of a bunch of rims in a bikini (0:22)? New car #mood.

“Ima tell you how the king like to ride homeboy….I like my beat down low and my top let back/ can see me riding 24s with a chopper in the back/ If ya rims sit high and ya windows pitch black”


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Krista Doyle
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