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Jamming in the Car (Without Jamming on the Brakes)

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Hey y’all! I’m Maggie, a senior at Vandegrift High School. I spend about 95% of my time baking cake balls, binge-watching Netflix, and competing in robotics competitions. You know, the usual. I'm gonna share some suggestions for listening to music on the road while staying safe. After getting your license, you’re ready to hit the road, roll the windows down, and turn the music up, right? Listening to music on the road is awesome, but it can also be dangerous. No one wants to be a hazard on the road, so here are three tips to safely mix two of the things you love: driving and music!1. Prepare

If you’re anything like me, you are probably horrible about cleaning out your music library and still have songs from the sixth grade (Jonas Brothers, am I right?) that tend to reappear whenever you put your phone on shuffle. Well, just like texting and driving, flipping through songs while driving is a seriously distracting habit that is extremely dangerous. So instead of causing danger on the road by switching songs mid-drive or having to endure listening to “Burnin’ Up,” plan out what you want to listen to before you get behind the wheel. Make a playlist specifically for driving that will keep you from fiddling with your phone while on the road. A little extra prep time before you head out will keep you, and everyone on the road, a lot safer!2. Keep it in Check

One of the biggest (and most avoidable!) issues with listening to music while driving isn’t the music itself, but the loud and distracting volumes that drivers keep it at. Trust me, I know driving down the road while blaring some Imagine Dragons at full volume sounds great, but not if you’re risking getting in an accident. By keeping your volume up too high, you’re not only distracting yourself, but you are also unable to hear any police or ambulance sirens coming your way. AKA not good. By keeping your volume in check, you can (responsibly) jam out to Bastille on your way to school.3. Know your limits

You know yourself better than anyone else, so if you know that you are easily distracted or are a little nervous on the road, creating a distraction-free environment will help you be the best (and safest!) driver possible. Turn off the music, relax, and focus on being the awesome driver you are! Driving without the radio on is a small price to pay to make sure that you aren’t being a hazard on the road. What are your favorite songs to listen to on the road? Share them with us (@aceable) using the hashtag #aceable.

Krista Doyle