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8 Thoughts Every Parent of a New Teen Driver Has Had

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As the parent of a new teen driver, you’re probably feeling a lot of conflicting emotions - and understandably so. There’s a lot going on - your child is now making their way to young adulthood (and soon adulthood). It’s not just a drivers license - it’s the beginning of a new stage of their (and your) life.

At Aceable, we totally understand that you might be overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings about this. So, without further ado, here are X relatable thoughts every parent of a new teen driver has.

1. My baby is growing up…


You fed them, you watered them, and now they are starting on that inevitable journey of LIFE. It’s okay to get teary-eyed.

2. I finally get some free time back.

Alec Baldwin Drinking Time to have fun!

All of the hours spent driving to and picking them up from school, lessons, practice, the movies...they add up! Now you can start getting back to your life - you know, the one you had before you became someone’s mom/dad.

3. But I’m going to miss all of those bonding moments in the car.

Carpool Karaoke Being stuck in traffic can be a good thing!

Sitting in traffic had its perks, especially when you could badger your teen on how their life is going. There’s nothing that brings two people together like being stuck in close proximity for a while.

4. And being forced to listen to their music.

Carpool Karaoke Dance sessions!

Sure, you’ll never understand what “Despacito” is, but admit it: It was kind of nice being “in the know” thanks to your teen’s endless knowledge of current pop culture.

5. I really hope they remember to do XYZ...

Silicon Valley Watching Always worried about thme!

Put the parking brake down. Check the rearview. Make sure the gas lid is closed. There will always be a million and one things that you’re constantly worried they’ll forget.

6. My worst fear is for them to get into a crash

Nervous Friends

You can’t help it - whenever you get a call, your first instinct is to think something bad has happened. Call it the parental instinct, or call it love. You’ll never be able to get away from that feeling of deep protectiveness and concern, and that’s okay.

7. I don’t feel good unless I tell them “drive safe” at least 3 times...and even then it’s not enough.

Drive Safe Gilmore Girls

Even if they don’t hear it, it at least makes you feel a little bit better.

8. Would it hurt to clean the car once in awhile?

Clean your car Clean your dang car!

Seriously, is the eternal struggle of parenthood just picking up after your kids?

Krista Doyle