Renewing Your Driver’s License in Colorado

Like many other states, Colorado has embraced online driver’s license renewal at its Division of Motor Vehicles. Colorado residents who already have a driver’s license in the state, and who meet specific other requirements, can renew their driver’s license over the Internet.

Not everyone is eligible for online driver’s license renewal in Colorado, however. Some people must still renew in person or through the mail for a variety of reasons.

Renewing a driver’s license when it is expired is important unless you no longer drive. Driving without a valid license or with an expired license is against the law, and if you are pulled over by a police officer, you can face a stiff fine and other penalties.

Online Driver’s License Renewal in Colorado

To be eligible to renew a Colorado license online, a driver must:

  • be between the ages of 21 and 65
  • be a U.S. citizenship or have permanent resident status
  • not have a name change since last renewal
  • not have outstanding tickets or driving violations
  • have a valid license or one which expired less than one year past
  • have renewed their previous driver’s license in-person
  • pay a renewal fee using a valid credit or debit card.

Look on your renewal notice from DMV for instructions for online renewal.

In-Person Colorado Driver’s License Renewal

People who are applying for a new driver’s license in Colorado must do so in-person at a DMV office. If a license expired longer than one year ago, the license holder also must go to a DMV office in-person to reapply for their license. Retaking the knowledge and driving skills tests may be required.

When renewing a Colorado driver’s license in-person at DMV, be sure to bring the following documents:

  • current driver’s license
  • completed renewal application form
  • proof of Social Security number
  • proof of residence
  • payment for the Colorado driver’s license renewal fee.

The renewal applicant may also be required to take a vision test and have a new photograph taken.

Renew Colorado Driver’s License by Mail

Many Colorado drivers are eligible to renew their license by mail. Mail renewals are possible if the driver is over 21 years old, has not changed their name, and they have not renewed by mail or online the last time they renewed their license.

Members of the military stationed outside of Colorado may also renew by mail, as long as the license has not been expired for over one year. Military members can also request an extension of their renewal date for up to three years. To receive a military extension for a driver’s license renewal deadline, submit the Request for Extension form DR2989, available online at Colorado DMV.

Colorado residents living temporarily out-of-state can also use this form to apply for an extension of the deadline to renew their license. However, the request must be submitted before the current license expires and the driver’s record must be clear of all tickets and violations.

In most cases, eligible drivers receive a notice from the DMV by mail at their last address on record informing them of the option of renewing their driver’s license through the mail.

Andrea Leptinsky

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