Road Signs: Crossover, Road Closed, Four-Way Stop

Road signs are everywhere, warning us of hazards and letting us know what’s up with the road conditions. Some signs contain just a little bit of text (what, no pictures?), so Aceable is gonna help you out with context around what these signs mean. Let’s go over a handful of traffic signs you will come across in your driving adventures.

Road Closed

don't drive around a road closed sign Okay, so this one isn’t exactly what you’d call an enigma. The road is closed. No one is permitted to use it, and sadly, this includes you. Find yourself another route, because the road with this traffic sign is off limits. Don’t drive around barricades or pull some other crazy move to sneak onto the road. It’s probably closed for a reason, and you shouldn’t put yourself in danger or get pulled over by the police.

If the road is closed, find another way Sorry, you’re gonna have to find another way.

Form One Line

merge into one line on the left Yep, a road sign like this is telling you to get in line. Easy stuff, right? You get in line to buy your groceries, order your lunch, board a plane, etc. If you see this sign, it means everyone on the road needs to merge into one lane. If it specifies a direction (for example, “left”), that’s where the line should be.

merge to form a line Don’t try to cut in line, either.


this traffic sign shows you where to crossover on the highway A crossover is a vehicle that combines features of a car and an SUV. But if we’re talkin’ road signs (and you know we are), a crossover is an area where you can safely cross a divided highway. Remember, divided highways separate different directions of traffic (for example, northbound and southbound) with a barrier, such as concrete dividers or a grassy area. You can’t just switch directions wherever you want; you’ll need to find a crossover. Keep your eyes peeled for a sign like this.

turn at the crossway on divided highways Is this the crossover?

Phone Use Prohibited in School Zone

cell phone use is not allowed in school zones This isn’t your average school zone sign. It’s letting you know that you’re near a school and that the speed limit is reduced when the light is flashing. But wait, there’s more! It’s saying that drivers are NOT allowed to use a cell phone at all while they’re in the school zone. Of course, it’s wise to never use a cell phone while driving in any sort of environment, but in this school zone, you could get stuck with a fine costing up to $200 if you break the rule.

no cell phones in school zones Take that call later.

4-Way Stop

traffic in all directions stops at a 4-way

Some intersections may have signs like this that either say “4-WAY” or “ALL WAY.” Does it mean that a group of professional wrestlers are about to show up and have a Fatal 4-Way match right there in the street? Sadly, no. It’s just letting you know that traffic coming to the intersection from all sides has to stop. Some intersections only have stop signs on one of the cross streets. Not this one. Everybody stops and yields!

Everyone stops at an all-way stop Does everyone have to stop at a 4-way stop?

Krista Doyle
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