The 5 Best Systems for Tracking Teen Drivers

Parents: It is normal to be worried about your kids as they start driving. You no longer have your invisible brake in the passenger side; they’re all on their own. *Sniffle* They’re growing up so fast!

Teens: Yes, it can be frustrating that your parents are freaking out and worried as you begin to drive. Let them have a moment. This is a lot to take in.

Despite all of the driving lessons, the tests, and the many, many car rides together, there comes a day when a teenager finally gets their license and can head out alone. It’s a blessing and a curse, great in that it provides mobility and a milestone for maturity, but a curse in that it’s extremely nerve-wracking.

Thanks to technology, it doesn’t have to be quite as worrisome when a teenager finally sets off on their own. (Though parents are always going to worry anyway!) These apps make it possible to track your teen and rest assured as to exactly where they are … And how their driving is when you’re not pumping your invisible brake in the passenger side.

  1. TrueMotion Family: Driving Safely

This free app strives to give users a “complete picture” of everyone’s driving habits and capabilities. It tracks phone use, as well as aggressive driving, speeding, and all of those other pesky driving downfalls. According to reviews, it's effectively helping drivers break their bad habits.

Available: iPhone , Android


  1. RoadReady

RoadReady can function as a driver’s training tool, as well as a device for making sure that kids are staying safe. It makes it efficient to log trips (including how long your teenager is on the road) and whether they’re experienced in questionable weather conditions.

Available: iPhone , Android app to come.


  1. TextLimit

This app’s mission is to decrease distracted driving and to help drivers gain valuable skills in remaining defensive behind the wheel. It alerts parents when a vehicle is driving beyond certain speeds, where the car is, and what the speed limit is in the surrounding area.

Available: iPhone , Android


  1. Dash

Dash claims that it can turn any car into a “smart car” and make drivers smarter, too. It scores drivers based on legal standards, keeps track of location (as well as both the nearest AND cheapest gas stations), and rates performance over time.

Available: iPhone , Android


  1. Automatic

With its mission to connect your digital devices to your driving habits IRL, the Automatic app works with its Automatic Pro 3G adapter (installed via the product’s official website) to log trips, track mileage, monitor fill-ups, alert in the event of crashes, and even check where you’ve parked. It has unlimited 3G services and a GPS included with the one-step installation of the adapters. One reviewer said the cost was worth it for the “peace of mind.”


Available: iPhone , Android

Krista Doyle
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