The 8 Types Of Drivers That Everyone Knows

The more you drive, the more you get to know yourself. Getting behind the wheel is like taking a BuzzFeed quiz but more accurate and without the clickbait-y titles. As you build your skills over time, you become more aware of what type of driver you are and what your habits are.

Maybe you love a good podcast or a quirky bumper sticker. Either way, you probably aren’t alone in your idiosyncrasies. There are eight different types of drivers, and it’s guaranteed that you most likely can identify a friend who is one (or all!) of them.

1. The Performer

Constantly making sure that the perfect song is playing through the speakers, this type of driver relishes in the spotlight, always being sure to sing along. Yes, they are the Beyonce of the group. The music is ALWAYS at an appropriate volume simply because they want you to hear them doing that difficult vocal run.

2. The Pro

This person wants you to know how good of a driver they are. The safety and comfort of their passengers is their greatest joy and they will let you know that they’ve never gotten pulled over, let alone had an actual ticket.

3. The Socialite

They just can’t say no. They’re always heading somewhere and you’re lucky if they have enough time for you to be in the passenger seat. “Yeah, I can pick you up, but first I have to stop by school, then I have work and then I have yoga… Oh, and I have…” Ok, we get it, you’re popular!


4. The Collector

Their car isn’t necessarily a mess… But it’s questionable. There’s a seat cover with a strange animal print on it, floor mats with intricate designs, and that bizarre bumper sticker. This person’s vehicle is an extension of themselves.

crazy car Check out this sweet ride

5. The Reporter

A serious podcast is playing and if they can’t have “My Favorite Murder” for audio, they’ll turn on the radio, whether it’s local, NPR, or… A.M. radio. Yes, that still exists and yes, it’s boring. They keep up on the news and they are most likely lecturing you on the importance of staying informed.

6. The Theorist

This person is superstitious. Think of them as the eccentric grandmother of the car, with their refusal to turn left at red lights or their strange rule about making sure that each time there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts within view, you must stop. Don’t even think about asking them to go farther than their desired destination. That is not in the cards, my friend.

the office

7. The Navigator

“I ALWAYS know where I’m going!” this driver will crow as they proudly ignore any and all pleas for direction. They’re never lost, even if they’re a little lost. They prefer to keep things organic by knowing every street name in your tri-state area and driving anywhere and everywhere without the help of a GPS.


8. The Neat Freak

The only thing more impressive than the cleanliness of their vehicle is their hearing. “DID YOU JUST THROW A GUM WRAPPER ON THE FLOOR!?” they ask. “PICK IT UP! NOT IN MY CAR.” No trash is safe, whether that means your wrappers, your papers, or you. This driver doesn’t play.

Neat Freak They probably have sanitizer on hand too

*BONUS* 9. The Passenger

Not a driver, this person is always asking for a ride… And usually telling you how to drive! They’re usually charming and sweet, so it’s not bad until they decide to remind you that you need gas…. Even though you have more than half a tank. Also goes by mom or dad.

car passenger Scoping out those ride options

Krista Doyle
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