The Top 5 Resources to Use to Crush Your California DMV Test

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It’s time to take the DMV written exam. Luckily, you have three chances to pass it. But hopefully, if you are prepared, you will only have to take it once and then you’ll be good to go for the rest of your life.

But are you ready? 

If you have completed your driver's ed course, then you probably have a lot of the background knowledge that you need. But there are a few more things you can do to prepare before the big DMV appointment to take that test.

Here are the top five resources you can use to crush your DMV test. 

1. Free DMV Practice Test

There are a lot of free DMV practice tests available online that you can take to practice for the real deal. This is the best way to prepare yourself because these DMV practice tests are basically the same as the actual test you will see at the DMV. The DMV practice tests are even catered to your specific state to make sure they are accurate for you — for example, see our California DMV practice test.

Be sure that you find the correct exam for your state when you search. Other than that, you can choose when, where, and even how many DMV practice tests you want to take online before you go in for your actual exam.

2. The Driver’s Handbook

Each state has its own driver’s handbook that has all the traffic rules and laws for your state. Everything in this manual should be covered in your driver's ed class, but be sure to read it for yourself before the practice test.

Try reading it in sections and then quiz yourself after each one. Study all the traffic signs and what they mean. Make flashcards if you need to and go over the more difficult sections multiple times. Remember, this is not just for memorization. This information will be helping you drive every single day once you pass your test.

3. Adult Drivers

Chances are, you know some adults in your life who are already driving and have been for a while. So, ask them questions! If you need clarification on a specific concept, see if they can help. Or ask them to help quiz you to prepare for the test. They will probably have some extra knowledge to share. 

And ask questions while an adult is driving you around. You can ask the reasoning behind their choices while they drive to help you become a better driver. Surrounding yourself with supportive adults who have been through this same process can help calm your nerves and prepare you for the DMV test.

4. Real-Life Road Signs

This is the time to take the knowledge you got from your driver’s handbook and apply it to real-life driving situations. Every time you are driving or you are the passenger, be sure to take extra notice of what is happening around you. 

Look at all the signs you read about in the handbook or saw on a DMV practice test, and see how they function in real life. Try to commit them to memory so you can visualize them later while you are taking the test. It is usually easier to recall something you studied if you have a real-life experience with it.

5. Healthy Habits

Like with every exam, you should practice healthy habits to set yourself up for success when you go in for the test. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before and eat a healthy, balanced breakfast in the morning. 

You might want to do some light exercise before your exam as well to get your blood flowing and get out any nervous energy you may have. 

If possible, try to schedule your test appointment in the morning. This way you can get it over with and help reduce any test anxiety you may be feeling.

If you don’t pass the DMV test on the first try, don’t get too worked up about it. After all, “Try, try again” is one of the best pieces of advice we’ve ever heard! But if you take advantage of these resources, you’ll be sure to crush your DMV permit test!