6 Types of Cars You'll See in Every High School Parking Lot

School is back in session, and for many of you that means driving yourselves to class for the first time. *Gasp.* Gone are the days of riding the school bus or catching a ride from mom -- you’ve finally got your driver license , your own car and earned a glorious spot in the school parking lot. As you pull up to class every morning and look at the rows of vehicles around you, you’re guaranteed to see these six types of cars that high school students drive.

1. The Pickup Truck

The country boy persona wouldn’t be complete without a monstrous flatbed atop an unusually large set of wheels. In Texas, the pickup truck is usually accompanied by its owner, dressed in Wranglers, Justin boots and a Stetson hat. May also be easily identified by the Aggie license plate frame and box of toothpicks resting on the dashboard. Truck yeah.

tim-mcgraw-truck-yeah Tim McGraw is not a high school student, but you get the picture.

2. The Mom’s Minivan

There’s always one kid in your class who inherited their mother’s beige Dodge Grand Caravan, complete with the “My Child is An Honor Student” window decal and all. Generally this person couldn't care less what you think, probably rips on the oboe in band and will likely grow up to be cooler than all of you.

modern-family-mini-van Slaying.

3. The Car You Can’t Afford

While some people are reluctantly driving the family Toyota, there’s always a couple of kids who pull up to school in brand-new BMWs, and probably take them completely for granted. While their ride has keyless entry and a built-in rearview camera, your plebby car doesn’t even have a place for an AUX cord. Swell.

16-candles-jake Like this, if the guy weren't from the '80s.

4. The “Don’t Get a Scratch on This or I Will Break You”

Unlike the kid with the car bought by mom and dad, this guy (it’s always a guy), probably spent the last two summers saving up for his dream coupe. You’ve caught him more than once carefully surveying the outside of his vehicle to make sure it survived the high school parking lot without so much as a single paint chip. You shudder to think if someone accidentally clipped his bumper.

grease-lightning Hopefully he isn't performing musical numbers with his car, too.

5. The Generic Sedan

Most people at your high school are probably driving a mid-sized car made circa 2009 either because it was a hand-me-down or their parents bought it used. If you drive one of these, you might occasionally wish your mode of transportation was a little more upscale, but hey, it gets you to and from class, right? The only problem is that about six other people have the same make and model as you, so you’ve frequently tried to unlock the wrong vehicle and looked incredibly awkward while doing so. Nothing to see here, folks.

honda-driving-car Living that Honda life.

6. The Hooptie

Missing a window, duct tape on the mirror, one of the doors is different color … yep, you’ve seen it before. Whoever drives this rundown rustbucket is the least materialistic person you know, and you envy their ability to roll up in that ride with confidence. When leaving school in the afternoon, it takes them a couple of times to start the engine, but somehow, they always get it going. Much respect.

hooptie-car This is just impressive. (photo credit: Jarek Tuszyński/Wikipedia.org)

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Krista Doyle
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